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Interesting Facts #52 Hollywood Walk Of Fame

By The-Doctor · Feb 4, 2021 ·
  1. stretching along 15 blocks of Hollywood boulevard and 3 blocks of Vine street the Hollywood walk of fame was conceived in 1953 as a permanent monument to performers but the first star was not laud until 1960 for Stanley Kramer.

    Anyone can nominate a performer but the performer must agree to having a star there is also a fee of $40,000 to lay and maintain each star.

    To date over 2690 stars have been laid, nearly 50% being for movies. There are 5 categories that a performer can be given a star for, movies, television, radio, live performance and music. Only one performer has a star in all five categories the cowboy singer Gene Autry. Frank Sinatra has 3 stars for movies music and radio. Despite being the best selling female singer in the world according to the Guinness book of records Madonna does not have a star, she was approached in the 1990s but declined. Denzil Washington and Carrie Fisher also do not have a star as yet. Recent recipients include Pavarotti as they can be awarded posthumously.

    Recipients do not have to be real people as Mickey Mouse, bugs bunny and Daffy Duck all have stars. Gregory peck had his Star stolen and though it was replaced the original was never found. Donald Trumps star was vandalised multiple times. Laura and Bruce Dern were given their star at the same time and the Barrymore family each have one and Mohamed Ali was awarded his for boxing being categorised as a live performance.

    The recipients are generally expected to attend the unveiling of their star though Jennifer Garner turned up 3 months too late.


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