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Interesting Facts #50

By The-Doctor · Apr 16, 2020 ·
  1. The board game monopoly

    The game is based on an earlier game called "the landlord game" invented by Lizzie Maggie in 1903 and self published in 1906 the game we know was published in 1935 by the Parker brothers before being bought by Hasbro in 1991

    The landlords game had two sets of rules one where all players were rewarded for wealth creation and one where players were encouraged to become a monopoly and crush everyone into bankruptcy.

    Over the course of its history there have been 18 official different player markers they are
    Race car
    Top hat
    Money bag
    Scottie dog
    Rocking horse
    Latest editions include a T. rex, a penguin and a rubber duck.

    There are officially three ways to "go to jail" rolling a double three times, being sent there by a card or landing on it. A player in jail loses their turn unless the either role a double, pay $50 or have a get out of jail free card. Although they can't buy property whilst in jail they can collect rent from anyone who lands on their properties

    According to the makers the best colour to own is the orange spaces as statistically players are more likely to land on them because of where they are on the board.

    Whilst there are official rules to the game many people have their own variations some of which have gone on to be official ones for example the free parking jackpot rule. This version of the game, players pay their money into the centre of the board rather than the bank snd the player that lands on free parking gets the lot. In my family we used to play for an hour then have an auction for anyone trying to buy certain squares that other players had or didn't depending on how you played.

    The longest game of continuous monopoly was recorded as 70 hours.

    Various terms in the game have passed into common language use
    Get out of jail free card
    Monopoly money (meaning it is worthless)
    Go directly to jail, do not collect $200, do not pass go.


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