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I Passed :)

  1. The semester ended for me.. May 1st and Im happy to say I passed both my classes.

    It was hard to pull off when I crossed over to full-time at my job ( unwillingly due to a coworker suddenly quitting)

    And then add moving to the mix...

    I really didn't think I was gonna pass at all.

    Especially when I came home wiped out from work every day.

    But God is good and it's over ...praise God.

    This was my fourth try passing anatomy lol and it's finally done...no more dissections, no more heavy memorizations... It's finished..( at least for now)

    I have one more class to take and that's developmental psychology...

    And hopefully I'll be accepted in my OTA program this Sept.

    I swear ...I'm so tired of school...

    Work and school is taking everything I have in me out ...

    But I know it'll be worth it in the end.


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  1. GodsGrace101
    I'm happy for you...
    1. Far Side Of the Moon
  2. Saucy
    Awesome job!
  3. Dave-W
    Congrats FarSide! Good work!
    1. Far Side Of the Moon
      Thank you so much :)
      Dave-W likes this.
  4. mukk_in
      Dave-W and Shoetoyou like this.
  5. “Paisios”
    Congratulations, and praise God! I hope you have a chance to get rest and revitalize before starting the next round - sounds like a lot on your plate.
      Emli and Far Side Of the Moon like this.
    1. Far Side Of the Moon
      I do ! Still working full time but I have to have this last class finished after May and I haven't even registered for it yet lol... I have to do it if I want to be accepted by Sept. 4th.
      Dave-W, Emli and Shoetoyou like this.