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How Will You Spend Eternity?

  1. Say there's an after life even though there is absolutely no evidence for such. Now let's say you wake up in heaven. All the theatrical nonsense is over and you are now experiencing existence there as expected. You have your own mind, your own thoughts and desires, your own free will and all that jazz.

    Okay still with me? So your floating there doing whatever. You don't have any questions because they've all been answered. You have no anticipation of the future since its eternity. You have no past either. It's all just mashed into a single sense of experience in some hyperspace Dr. Who existence. The same would not apply to Hell for anyone who went there. They do experience time as that is the only way to make them suffer being burned forever. Its also the only way they can weep and gnash their teeth.

    Oh but wait. You also have teeth to gnash. Because you were created in God's image and you now have a spiritual body. Since you have a body then you have limitations. All shapes have limitations whether or not they are confined to geometrical three-dimensional space. And since you are not God, you cannot be omnipresent therefore you do not know everything because you do not know what is happening in the location that you are not currently occupying. So now you have questions again.

    But those questions are instantly answered because your future is also your present and so now they are gone. This is unless of course you do experience Time in Eternity and if such is the case then you're going to experience a lot of time.

    Now you are aware that the future does exist and you are not there yet but you know that you will be there. Since you exist forever, everything that could possibly be imagined will happen to you. Everything that you could possibly ever do will be done by you. You will have no sense of achievement because everybody else will do exactly what you have done. The only way around this is exactly that, to go around and around and around in a repetitive cycle doing exactly the same things over and over again forever. There goes your sense of free will.

    Now what about individuality. Can you consider yourself an individual having your own experience inside your own personal little piece of Eternity? Will you not be aware that you are a part of God and he a part of you and that you are a part of everything in existence? Since you have your own being in the shape of a body which implies limitations then you must also have your own sense of self-awareness. You will not know what others are thinking nor they you. This allows you to have your own thoughts but since you have no free will, those thoughts will be highly controlled. You will not have the ability to wonder about anything beyond your own capabilities. Your mind will not be able to form combinations of thoughts that allow you to truly think for yourself and since you are in a repetitive cycle doing the same things over and over you will have no reason to think for yourself. Since you cannot think for yourself you cannot be considered an individual and you will most likely not have a sense of self-awareness. You might as well sit in a movie theater for eternity watching a movie starring you over and over because you will not be able to control it.

    Yey some say that we will not exist in heaven but instead exist here on Earth. A new earth created by God. Let's say that only 144,000 people go to heaven because somehow, quantity matters to an omnipotent God. And the rest of you live on earth. Since the Earth is not flat, but obviously a sphere, this new earth would probably be the same. Will you be stuck on this tiny ball forever or will you be able to leave it? And if so, will you really have a sense of wonder exploring the universe knowing that eventually you will explore all of it even if it's infinite? Because no matter what, in Eternity, every single possible thing that can ever happen will happen and you will experience all of it. Since you will have no sense of Free Will, personal achievement, self-awareness, wonder, desire, or anything else that makes you you, what Joy can you really find living forever?

    And what about before that time comes? What about your life now? Do you really live life like it's the only one you have even though you believe that it's not? Or are you just throwing it all away because you believe that one day you will wake up in some Eternal heaven?

    Once I woke up from Christianity, my life became a whole lot better. I stopped throwing It all away on a wager who's odds are greatly against me. I find a lot of joy in this life and it is better than it has ever been all because I know that this is the only life I have and I'm going to live it to the fullest. I do not have to worry about Sin or <Staff Edit>forgiveness or rituals or superstitious mantras. I am free from all this though many of you will probably say that it is of the devil.

    I hold myself accountable to humanity. My actions affect them and it is their forgiveness or approval that I seek. Not some imaginary God's. That does not mean I am perfect. I have as many flaws as anybody if not more. But I also have peace of mind. I am content and secure with myself in my time on this Earth. I look forward to the many great times I might have and not to an inevitable death. And I do not make up stories in order to feel better about death because there is nothing I can do about it. I accept my fate knowing that it is ahead of me and not knowing when it will be. This knowledge has allowed me to live a better life than I've ever had.

    I know that many of you will never wake up and you will be stuck in this systematic way of thinking for the rest of your lives. Many of you cannot fathom the idea that you may one day not even exist. That scares you and that is the reason why you hold on to this idea with everything you have. Because if the promise of eternal life was not indoctrinated into your minds then you probably would not be following this religion. The early Christians believed in reincarnation and the Romans pushed the agenda of eternal life in order for them to stay in control of the people.

    Don't get me wrong. I would love to live forever in this universe or at least for a very very long time so that I can experience all our advancements. But even the universe must end as it cannot exist forever. I do not find the concept of eternal life appealing because it has diminished my own life and it will continue to do so as long as I believe it. It is only when I managed to let go that I found just how meaningful this existence can be. And like those who claim they've experienced God on a personal level, I've experienced what it feels like to know beyond all doubt that my time here is limited. Though that is a scary feeling, it is also a great feeling as it motivates me to do things that I would never otherwise do. My goal is to live the best life possible and to help people in any way that I can. Though sometimes I fall short of that, I never give up. I always come back to this foundation and build upon it. I just wish more people were on board. I truly believe that this world would be a better place if if they were.

    One thing is for sure, everybody will one day wake up. Even your Bible talks about that in the great "Falling Away". When that happens, we will finally be able to work together towards World Peace and if that peace only lasts a thousand years, at least it was we who've accomplished it. Until then, all this religious nonsense will forever keep us at war with each other.

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    erealmz has morals.


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  1. Hidden In Him
    "Since you will have no sense of Free Will, personal achievement, self-awareness, wonder, desire, or anything else that makes you you, what Joy can you really find living forever?"

    Why are you writing about something you have absolutely no knowledge about? And I mean absolutely no knowledge.
    1. View previous replies...
    2. erealmz
      Because the steak taste so good...
    3. erealmz
      Or to quote it more precisely "
      I know this steak doesn't exist. I know that when I put it in my mouth, the Matrix is telling my brain that it is juicy and delicious. After nine years, you know what I realize? Ignorance is bliss."

      - Cypher
    4. Hidden In Him
      I'm not so convinced it's ignorance, LoL. But anyway, nice talking to you. Thanks for not taking offense at my comments.
  2. Another Lazarus
    Just by looking at Almighty God on His Throne will make me happy for eternity.
    1. erealmz
      How do you know this?