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How To Outsmart The Devil

  1. How to Outsmart the Devil.jpg

    Our mission as Christians is to serve others. Jesus came to serve and we are to follow in his footsteps. However it’s not always easy. Things get in the way. We all want to do more but our time is limited, our resources are limited, our talent and ability are limited. Where do these limits come from? I don’t think God is placing these limits on us.

    The devil seems to be focused on ways to discourage us from serving others. The devil likes to divide us up into smaller numbers or even isolate us as individuals. He knows there’s strength in numbers. He knows alone we are likely to get discouraged and feel inadequate. Don’t let him have the victory. Always consider who might be willing to help you accomplish your next mission.

    The devil also likes to creep into our minds and convince us we are a little more important than we truly are. That kind of arrogance can stifle opportunities to help in situations where our full potential is not needed. There’s nothing wrong with sweeping the floor, taking out the trash, or stuffing envelopes. Don’t let the devil tell you that what’s needed is not something you’re called to do.

    The devil likes to paint a picture of doom and gloom. It’s the opposite of arrogance. He likes us to believe we are not worthy of the calling. He wants us to believe our skills aren’t up to the task. He wants us to sit at home sulking over all the opportunities other more talented people have. Take a moment to think of all the ways you’ve been of help to others in the past and you can put that lie to rest rather quickly.

    There is no question the devil is actively pushing us in all the wrong directions. He does this in subtle ways that often go unnoticed. The way to outsmart the devil is to simply be aware of his misdirection and make a concerted effort to avoid his lies.



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