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History Of The Trinity 6, Tertullian

  1. Tertrin1.png
    Tertullian is the guy who first used the term "Trinity" sometime in the early 200s. Tertullian's Trinity is unlike the one we have today. Rather than being "Three persons in one essence" his simply was a triad of three beings, two of which the Son and Holy Spirit were derived from the Father.

    For a full academic treatment of the subject I recommend reading the StanFord University article that is linked below. In my previous posts, I did my best cover all the intellectual antecedents that led to the early Trinitarian theories some of which are not usually discussed even in Church History and Theology books and presentations (even the one listed below).

    Trinity > History of Trinitarian Doctrines (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

    About Author

    Pavel Mosko
    (I am currently a member of parish in the Charismatic Episcopal Church, but have years of experience worshiping in the western and eastern end of Christianity).


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  1. Pavel Mosko
    "I can fully defend the Trinity apart from any church Father ante or post nicene"

    So can I! But in doing that all you are doing is 1) harmonizing scripture, or 2) showing passages like names for God etc. that have terms that seem to have a plurality about them or some other similar connotation, or 3) showing passages where God seems to be speaking to Himself or another like those in the "Two Heavenly Powers theory". That is not enough to convince Arians of the Trinity, because in the battle of proof texting, so many passages on the Arian side of things sound damning at face value. And most Arians both ancient and modern are not going to be that interested in discussing things like theological development within the text etc.

    On the other hand, most Trinitarians are (or at least should be) interested in a full treatment of the subject.

    Thanks for posting.
  2. nolidad
    Just a short comment.

    I can fully defend the Trinity apart from any church Father ante or post nicene. As for the term, It is a coined word.

    As for Going to a book from Stanford University on Christianity- that is like going to a car mechanic to get advice on brain surgery!