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Himself Took Your Infirmities Why Do You Need A Vaccine?

  1. A word in season is a word that speaks to the season. And that is what God has been tugging at my heart to do with my blog posts for this year, to write seasonally more than 'sermonally', this is why in the past year almost all of the blogpost addressed the raging issues of the day, covid 19 and all others! And that is what will happen this year too. Yes, there will be series where will just study the book of John or Mark or any other subject, but even at that, it will be in the light of what is happening around us! The gospel that makes an impact must speak within the context and the realities of the day! This is why I am starting a new series on HE TOOK YOUR INFIRMITIES WHY DO YOU NEED A VACCINE?

    And in this series, I will be showing why dependence on Christ and his word is more reliable than any medicine or pharmaceutical product in the world. In this series, I will delve extensively into the technology of vaccines, what it is, separate the facts from the fantasy and show you how depending on Christ and his word trumps any other measures out there in the world.

    I write this series in light of where we are in the world. Long before now, the vaccination controversy has raged on for years but more especially now with the covid 19 sagas of which a vaccine has been miraculously developed. I said miraculously because the standard time for the production of a vaccine is about 10 years. From the time the virus is cultured, isolated, developed the weaker version of the virus, package as a vaccine and the first three stages of trial for the vaccines all takes time and then we talk of the mass production and yet in less than one year, a virus that is still under study has miraculously got a vaccine? This is why people all over the world are skeptical and suspicious about this "miracle vaccine" that has defied all standards set by previous vaccines!

    And then we have the rumors, both sensible and outlandish of what this vaccine can do? Is this vaccine safe? Will it change my DNA? Is it the mark of the beast? Does it carry a chip that will store all information about me and through which interconnectivity with the 5G and Internet of things manipulate me? All of these are the controversies raging about these new vaccines and after about 9 months of intensive study on this subject and on all the submissions of the people who are related to this, I am writing this series to separate the facts from the fantasy, the truth from deception.

    We are in the days of deception, this might not be obvious to everyone. Fear is everywhere, that is palpable, but deception is not palpable, this is why the Bible says in the last days the very "ELECT WILL.BE DECEIVED" and that tells you that whatever deceives the elect is not obvious. Deception is not falsehood, deception is just a little twist or coloration of the truth or a reduction in the intensity of the truth! When Satan was going to deceive Eve in the garden, he still quoted God's very word but with a little twist! When he was going to tempt Jesus on the mountain he told him about how he can "jump from the cliff" because God has given His angels charge over him to protect him in the course of doing that! Isn't that the truth? No! It's when you look closely that you will see the truth. In Psalm 91:10-11

    ||| There shall no evil befall thee, neither shall any plague come nigh thy dwelling. For he shall give his angels charge over thee, to keep thee in all thy ways |||

    The angel has the charge to keep us in all our ways, when we walk our paths and any evil try to crosses us then the angel comes in to take charge and protect us. The scriptures here didn't give us the license to jump over the cliff, but if we are a push over the cliff then the angels will watch over us!

    Deception sometimes is just a slight distortion of the truth! And that is what the devil is doing today. He is not using devils wearing masks and looking dirty, no he is using clean looking politicians speaking sweet words to deceive the world!

    Today the bandwidth of information available to people is been narrowed, the narrative is been streamlined to only the perspective the devil wants us to hear, all other views are been shut down, we are only allowed to hear one perspective on the media, the social media so that we can have no other opportunity to assess the various information available and make our judgments. In the age of deception, people are not allowed to entertain different narratives, people are not allowed to think, people are not allowed to choose or make their judgments. In the age of deception, people are forced to accept the mainstream narrative that they want them to know. But most importantly in the age of deception, bad intentions and actions are cloaked in good words and this is where it gets trickier!

    Today when you hear words like protecting the environment, going green, climate changes, build back better, the great reset, they all sound good and noble, but all are nothing but bad intentions cloaked in and with good words.

    Separating truth from deception now becomes difficult for a believer who thinks everything must make sense. In the days we are in separating what is good from evil we require spiritual maturity and spiritual discernment. This is what the writer of Hebrew talked about in Hebrews 5:14

    |||But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who because of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil |||

    What are the truths about the covid-19 vaccines that are coming? In the next two weeks or so I hope to be able to show to you, quoting the very words of the manufacturers, the makers, and the defenders of this vaccine, the experts and the health bodies, the truths about this vaccine that have been cloaked with good words. You don't need to be a medical expert or a science student to understand this. I will do that from the next installment of this series, but let me state my personal decision on this vaccine issue. First, let me put forth some scriptures from Jeremiah and Matthew.

    ||| For the hurt of the daughter of my people am I hurt; I am black; astonishment hath taken hold on me. Is there no balm in Gilead; is there no physician there? why then is not the health of the daughter of my people recovered? ||| Jeremiah 8:21-22

    Why is the church worried like the world? Is there no balm in Gilead? Is there no physician there? Well, there is a balm in Gilead and there is a physician there!


    About Author

    Peter Adeshina Babalola
    PETER ADESHINA BABALOLA(PAB) is a lover of God and a teacher of His word.
    His 20 years in ministry has seen him served as a pastor in major ministries in
    Nigeria where he planted and pastored many churches across the nation.
    From Port Harcourt to Uyo to Akure to Lagos, PAB has been privileged to affect lives through the preaching and teaching of the word.


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