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Hiding The Messaiah: Falsification Of Genesis 5 & 11 (conclusion)

By Humble Penny · Jun 8, 2021 · ·
  1. After 5 years of what I nearly thought impossible to do, my prayers have finally been answered and I have found, and can prove, that we are in the year 5949 AM! This is the 6th Year of the 7th Week of the 119th Jubilee! This means we are 44 Years away from the 70th Week of Daniel, and 51 Years away from the Second Coming of Christ our Lord!

    I happened to discover this after reading a paper by Rabbi Simon Schwab Comparative Jewish Chronolgy dated 5722 (1961-1962). This paper addressed the 165 Year discrepancy between the Jewish dating of the dedication of the Second Temple in -351 BCE, and the secular dating of the same event in -516 BCE. According to rabbinic tradition there are 420 Years from the dedication of the Second Temple to its destruction in 70 CE by Titus: this means that according the secular chronology the Second Temple stood for 586 Years instead of 420 Years, a discrepancy of 166 Years. Instead of admitting that the rabbi's had erred and adding the missing years to the then current Hebrew year this is what Rabbi Schwab did:

    ...Schwab pushed back the original year of creation...
    -3761 BCE - 166 Years = -3927 BCE

    ...but he had another problem for...
    -3927 BCE + 5,722 Years = 1795 CE
    -3761 BCE + 5,722 Years = 1961 CE

    ...so, to hide this error...
    1795 CE + 166 Years = 1961 CE

    ...and from here...
    -516 BCE + 586 Years = 70 CE

    What cunning offspring the serpent has! This is why Christ wisely says, "You must be as innocent as doves but as wise as a serpents." So, after laughing and appreciating what a fox this rabbi was, I set off to correct what he failed to:

    5722 AM + 166 Years = 5888 AM
    1961 CE + 166 Years = 2127 CE

    From here the modern Jewish year of creation must be pushed back to align with the true year of creation...

    Christ to Creation
    30 CE - 5,500 Years = -5470 BCE

    5,470 Years - 3,761 Years = 1,709 Years
    -3761 BC - 1,709 Years = -5470 BC

    5888 AM - 5,470 Years = 418 CE
    2127 CE - 1,709 Years = 418 CE

    Now according to another rabbinic tradition mentioned by Rabbi Schwab the first five days of creation represent Year 1; the sixth day is the 1st Year and the creation of Adam; and, seven days later Adam opens the 2nd Year therefore we must subtract two more years which they have added...

    5888 AM - 2 Years = 5886 AM
    5886 AM - 5,470 Years = 416 CE
    2127 CE - 2 Years = 2125 CE
    2125 CE - 1,709 Years = 416 CE

    ...now we can figure out what year we're in...

    2021 CE - 1961 = 60 Years

    416 CE + 60 Years = 476 CE
    476 CE - 30 Years = 446 CE
    5,500 Years + 446 Years = 5946 AM

    This puts us in the 3rd Year of the 7th Week of the 119th Jubilee so, we must add three years...

    5946 AM + 3 Years = 5949 AM

    And to be sure that I wasn't simply wishing this to be so I also found that 5886 AM is 6 Years before 5892 AM which is 1,200 Years from the time Romulus built Rome, and at this time Zosimus in his fourth book of Nova Historia tells us that Theodosius I died:

    1967 CE + 166 Years = 2133 CE
    2133 CE - 1,709 Years = 424 CE
    424 CE - 2 Years = 422 CE
    422 CE - 30 Years = 392 Years
    5500 AM + 392 Years = 5892 AM

    ...since we advanced 5886 AM by six 6 Years...
    5892 AM + 54 Years = 5946 AM
    5946 AM + 3 Years = 5949 AM

    This means that 1967 CE is the time in which the the Anno Mundi, Anno Domini, and Olympiads align! And you'll see in the calculation above this last one that the 476 CE is the time mainstream historians tell us Rome "fell" and right about the time that Dionysius Exiguus said we are in 525 AD, and this is the time about 1,500 Years of history were simply fabricated and stretched to get us where we are today!

    While I have not been able to sort out all of the fact from fiction and properly align all of the events, people, and places: I am able to prove that there are 5,500 Years from Adam to Christ, and 5949 Years from Adam to our present day.

    Praise the Lord for Revealing this!

    Attached is the paper aforementioned and the updated Jubilee Timeline which covers the 140 Jubilees from Adam to the End of the World. And I've attached the Shemitah Years after studying the Dead Sea Scrolls and Genesis 1:1-2:3 and connecting it with what I've found and written here.

    Anyways I'm praying you brothers and sisters can see that unless you have a clear standard for when the history of the world begins and ends...you cannot rely on any dates set for any event to have occurred. When you move the year of creation all over the place then you're bound to get confusing and disastrous results. This is why the only valid year for creation is -5470 BC because Jesus Christ died on the cross at 30 Years old and this happened 5,500 Years after the creation of the world and Adam.

    Attached Files:


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  1. Humble Penny
  2. Humble Penny
    Chart Legend Key
    Columns A thru G; Rows 1 & 1003 (Week of Years)
    Columns A thru G; Rows 1 to 1003 (Jubilee Years)
    Column H; Rows 1 to1003 (Week of Years No.)
    Column I; Rows 1 to 1003 (Jubilee Period; Week No.)
    Column J; Rows 1 to 1003 (No. of Years Passed)
    Column K; Rows 1 to 1003 (Note)

    Legend Key
    Yellow Cells = Columns A to K; Rows 1, 1003
    Green Cells = Jubilee Years
    Light Blue Cells = Week of Years Number
    Red Cells = Beginning and End of Jubilee Periods
    Gray Cells or Numbers = Key Event
    Light Purple Cells = Hebrew/Gregorian Year

    Calendar Legend Key
    Yellow = Solar Calendar Year
    Months = Solar Month
    Green cells or numbers = Holydays
    Red cells or numbers = End of month (for Gregorian calendar only).
    Gray cells or numbers = Full Moon
    Light Blue = Priests
    Peach cells or numbers = Divisions of the Year
    Gold cells or numbers = Beginning of Month
    Blue-gray cells or numbers = New Moon (Sliver)

    If you can't see what the colored letters say then just highlight them by long pressing on your smart device or by holding the left button on your mouse and, dragging your digit or arrow over the parts you wish to see. Other than that I believe my chart and calendars should be pretty straightforward to read and follow.

    If you guys have any questions about my chart then feel free to do so and I'll be more than glad to answer them!


    1 Week of Years = 7 Years
    1 Jubilee = 7 Weeks of Years + 1 Year = 50 Years
    1 Olympiad = 4 Years

    Also you'll notice in my Jubilee Timeline chart that at the end of every 50 Weeks of Years the Jubilee Week No. is "0". And the reason for this is that the 1st Year of the 1st Week of every 8th Jubilee begins after the end of the 7th Week of every 7 Jubilees or 350 Years.
  3. Humble Penny
    For anyone else who may be confused on this and want to keep the 2021 AD date I have also created the corresponding Anno Mundi and Anno Domini years so, you can properly track things, but beware as the numbers you'll see will show just how off our current calendar year really is:

    Beginning from the Year of Creation
    0 Years/0 AM/-3928 BC
    2,242 Years/2242 AM/-1686 BC (Adam to Flood)
    1,247 Years/3489 AM/-439 BC (Flood to Abram)
    430 Years/3919 AM/-9 BC (Abram to Moses)
    511 Years/4430 AM/502 AD (Moses to Saul)
    517 Years/4947 AM/1019 AD (Saul to Babylon)
    70 Years/5017 AM/1089 AD (Babylon to Cyrus)
    483 Years/5500 AM/1572 AD (Cyrus to Christ)
    449 Years/5949 AM/2021 AD (Christ to 2021)
    44 Years/5993 AM/2065 AD (2021 to 70th Week)
    7 Years/6000 AM/2072 AD (70th Week to Christ's Return)
    1,000 Years/7000 AM/3072 AD (Christ's Return to End of the World)

    As you can clearly see the numbers have been horribly skewed! Always check your own work and the works of others to see if they're telling the truth...and unless you use the true chronology of the Word of God then you'll forever be lost...the Bible is the surest and truest history book out there that tells you the beginning, middle, and end of mankind and the world. And for those who doubt ponder and understand this wise proverb:

    "God always preserves the truth to expose all falsehood."

    It means that no matter what...God will help you find the truth if you really want it because He keeps it safely hidden and secure.
  4. Humble Penny
    Here are the corrected numbers, with their corresponding Anno Mundi and Anno Domini years I covered in Biblical Chronology: From Adam to the End of the World:

    Beginning from the True Year of Creation
    0 Years/0 AM/-5470 BC
    2,242 Years/2242 AM/-3228 BC (Adam to Flood)
    1,247 Years/3489 AM/-1981 BC (Flood to Abram)
    430 Years/3919 AM/-1551 BC (Abram to Moses)
    511 Years/4430 AM/-1040 BC (Moses to Saul)
    517 Years/4947 AM/-523 BC (Saul to Babylon)
    70 Years/5017 AM/-453 BC (Babylon to Cyrus)
    483 Years/5500 AM/30 AD (Cyrus to Christ)
    449 Years/5949 AM/479 AD (Christ to 2021)
    44 Years/5993 AM/523 AD (2021 to 70th Week)
    7 Years/6000 AM/530 AD (70th Week to Christ's Return)
    1,000 Years/7000 AM/1530 AD (Christ's Return to End of the World)