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Hebrews 8 Meditation Using Strongs.

  1. A meditation on the words, not a translation ;)

    However, the main point we affirm is this: Our high priest clings to us as a garment who sits forever in the authority of the throne of the king in Heaven.

    The servant worthy of all praise, the true tabernacle fastened together by God, and not human hands.

    Since all high priests are appointed for bringing forth not only gifts but also sacrificial victims, it is natural that our high priest also has something to bring forth as an offering.

    So if he was of the earth, he shouldn't be a priest, since there are priests that bring forth gifts based on the law.

    Who serve a figurative representation and shadow of what exists in heaven, since Moses received the pattern from God before making the tabernacle: Because, this is what God said to Moses, "See that you make all based on the template exposed to you on the mountain."

    However, presently our High Priest hit the mark with service that surpasses expectations, he did so well that he is the Arbitrator of a more serviceable blood pact legislated based on service oriented promises.

    It makes sense, if the first was blameless, then no opportunity whatsoever would have been sought for the second.

    So God determined it was the workers fault, but look: God says the days will arise that will bring an end with a new blood pact before the house of Israel and also before the house of Judah.

    Not based on the blood pact that I made with their ancestors in the day when I took hold of them myself with great power and preservation leading them out of the land of Egypt, but they did not continue in my blood pact. Likewise, I stopped caring about what happened to them says the Lord.

    So this is the blood pact that will be made with the house of Israel after those days says the Lord; I will gift my own customs into their minds and engrave them into their hearts: Indeed, to them I will be a God, and they will be to me a nation.

    And teaching will not happen between everyone and their neighbour, and everyone and their family. They will not say, Know the Lord: because all will intimately know me from the least one to the greatest one.

    This is because I will be merciful to their unjust ways, and their fatal flaws and law breaking will no longer be remembered.

    This is to say, this is completely new, and was unprecedented in the time of the first and ancient agreement. However, the ancient indeed decays and is near vanishing from sight.


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