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Hebrews 12:2

By Emli, Mar 13, 2018 | | |
  1. I had a vision a few months ago that I would like to share. At the time, I was battling so much falsehood that other people had put in my head. About God. Different kinds of idolatry and false gospels. God did very, very much to save me at this time, because I was so confused. I felt completely blind, and all I could do was to cry and scream to God "I can't find you! Where are you? I'm so confused!" I kept studying Scripture, and I tried to hold on to what I know, but there was so much doubt and confusion in my mind. And I heard all these voices in my head, pretending to be God. I knew they weren't Him, because I know His voice, all of His sheep do. But it was like I had been taken over by fear and insecurity. I felt like I was going crazy.

    Then I saw this:

    I was walking beside a river in a forest, and the river was very, very calm. Then I saw what looked like Jesus standing there. I knew in my heart it wasn't the true Jesus, but I walked to him anyway, out of curiosity and insecurity (what if I've been wrong all along?), and he turned into Satan and attacked me. He disappeared. Then another one was there, and he also turned into Satan. Then I heard another false Jesus telling me to get into the river and swim in it, but I didn't want to (this is confirmation of some falsehood I once exposed), so instead I walked on it. The false Christ then turned into Satan and attacked me and knocked me over, expecting me to lose faith and drown I guess. But I was just floating on the surface. I then got up, and looked down on the surface. I couldn't see my own reflection, only the reflection of the sky. And I felt completely free. Then different false Christ's tried to call me in different directions, and I hesitated, but then wanted to run to them just to see if any of then was really Jesus. Then they all turned into Satan and I heard God saying, as if coming from nowhere and inside of me, and from Heaven, all at the same time "they will always turn into Satan!". And I calmed down. And then demons appeared in the forest that was surrounding me. I asked God in fear "where are Your angels?" And then lots of angels appeared all around me. They had been there all the time, but I just couldn't see them. They all bowed down to me as if to serve me, but not me, but Christ. And I fully realised what He was telling me. I then saw the gates of Heaven in the sky. Then the angels fought off the demons and the vision ended.

    There is a lot in the vision I could talk about, and I could share Scripture, but I will keep it short. What I want to share is:

    All of these false Christ's actually represents different people in my life, constantly feeding me falsehood about who God is, false doctrines etc, and what I was doing at the time was listening to it out of doubt and fear of man, and becoming deceived by it.

    God then told me to always keep the faith that He has given me, no matter what anyone says. Always focus on the Gospel that is in Scripture. Don't listen to falsehood, but expose it!

    I was reminded of something that God once told me. "When the enemy wants to overthrow you, don't look away!" I had no idea what that meant at the time, but I realized it when I kept looking away. From Him, from Jesus, from His Throne. Keep my eyes fixed on Jesus Christ, at all times. Not on me, not on other people, not on the doctrines of men, but on Him, and on Scripture. And remember that we have a high calling in Christ. His authority is ours to use. For His Glory, not for our own glory. And only as long as we are living for Him, according to His Ways. And the Holy Angels are there to protect us and minister to us, because we are servants of the Living God, doing His work. We have nothing to fear from the enemy, as long as we don't give in to his lies. And when I was standing on the river, walking on water, not even able to see myself I realized just how much Christ is in me, and I am in Him, because He has helped me die to myself so that He could become alive in me. That is the true Jesus Christ. I've known Him, because He is my Shepherd, and I have to keep trusting that.

    This is true for everyone. Keep your eyes on Christ and on Heaven, ALWAYS! Listen to HIS voice! No matter what anyone says, God's Word is our foundation. There is so much deception today, so stay true to Jesus Christ at any cost. Don't give in to doubts about whether the Holy Bible is really true, or whether God's promises are for today. They are, and we need to have strong faith now more than ever! Ask God your questions, ask Him for wisdom, seek His voice, seek His guidance! Rely on His protection, and surrender to the Holy Spirit.

    I'm still battling much confusion from this period of my life, so this memory is a little blurry. I'm missing details. But I wanted to share it. It feels valuable.

    God bless!

    About Author

    I'm Em, I live in Sweden. I've been saved since March 2015, and my life has been quite an adventure since then. Jesus Christ is everything to me. He brought me out of a deep darkness, and He has healed me from so much trauma, pain, madness, and all kinds of evil. Therefore I devote my life to Him, every day, no matter what that will look like. I'm a walking disaster most days, but I have seen Him bring forth some fruit, and I hope that will increase as I keep walking with Him. Godbless!


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  1. Southernscotty
    God has blessed you with the gift of discernment, Use this gift wisely and give God the glory and praise :] Bless you my Sister.
      Emli likes this.
    1. Emli
      Praise God and all Glory to Him! :) I know that there is nothing in the gift that is of me.
      Please pray that I will be able to use it wisely, because I stumble a lot. Although I'm sure that God will continue to stop me when I do. :)
      Bless you too!
    2. Southernscotty
      Absolutely, Prayer sent for you :] And btw We all stumble a lot.
      Emli likes this.
  2. mukk_in
    William Bo, I've been a Christian since 1992 (i.e., 26 years) and I'm still learning. God bless :).
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  3. WilliamBo
    Great post. Yes, keep to the faith you know and have been given. Lack of knowledge destroys
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  4. Sam91
    Amen! Keep our eyes fixed on Him. Something strange happened today. I twice walked the wrong way in my tiredness from last nights disturbed sleep. I have walked the path I was going many a time and it is so simple to follow. But twice in my sleepiness in walked wrong. I then prayed to God after seeing although I know the way, (trusting in Him) I still strayed onto foreign paths. So asked Him to lead the way (as He always will) again.

    God bless you Sister.
      Emli likes this.
    1. Emli
      Thanks for sharing. :)
      I know what you mean. Sleepiness has caused me to walk the wrong path many, many times.

      God bless you too!
      Sam91 likes this.
    2. Sam91
      Well i am struggling to stay awake. Got college interview this evening and my mind will be mush.... If only it had been yesterday. I turned up yesterday to find I had my days wrong :/ But at least I was with it and on the ball yesterday... in general. Lol. Please pray.
      Emli likes this.
    3. Emli
      I'm sorry... Sleepiness is horrible. I'm praying for you. Just remember "the spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak". God can strengthen you through this if you ask Him. He has for me in the past.
      Sam91 likes this.
  5. GTW27
    Your vision reminds me of a certain deliverance minister I was led to investigate a few months back, for the sake of a friend. A few labeled him as sketchy but I label him as false(deceived). The enemy is not meant to be played with, but is meant to be cast out. As per your vision, all of them(including alters) will turn out to be satan. As you already know,"put not your trust in man, for he will fail you, put your trust only in The Lord, for He will never leave you, nor forsake you." Nor will He fail you.
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    1. Emli
      If your friend is my friend, then that deliverance minister is exactly who God was referring to in my vision, and I said the same thing about him, because I listen to God. I then had a session with him, where God exposed his falsehood and he attacked me. He turned into Satan, or at least what was in him.
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  6. mukk_in
    Don't let anyone insult you Emli. We're all growing spiritually. Even Paul said that he was pressing on towards the higher calling. As we grow in faith, so will our boldness. The most mature saints are some of the boldest. Spiritual maturity may come sooner for some (Jesus was disputing the Pharisees at the age of 12). For others, it may be a little later.
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    1. WilliamBo
      Mukk_in how long have you been saved? I've been pursuing God for 6 years now and don't consider myself mature at all. I had Christian friends in college that were more mature than I am now at 29. I feel like God is telling me to have some grace on myself but maybe that's the enemy?
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    2. mukk_in
      William Bo, I've been a Christian since 1992 (i.e., 26 years) and I'm still learning. Peace in Christ :).
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  7. mukk_in
    Confidence comes from a fuller understanding, i.e., spiritual maturity. Your confidence and understanding both seem to be growing (they grow simultaneously. One doesn't exist without the other, like faith and works for example). God increases both, that's the way He does things. As you said, stay the course :).
      Emli likes this.
    1. Emli
      Thanks. What about the heart? My spiritual maturity is much bigger then my emotional maturity. It's confusing. And yet God tells me 1 Timothy 4:12 often, because this is what everyone always use against to make me cave in to falsehood, and the core of my issues.
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  8. mukk_in
    Discerning between spirits isn't easy, but will come in time (1 John 4:1-6). Hang in there lil Emli :).
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    2. Emli
      I know. But that isn't an issue for me. I love it when the Lord rebukes me, and He does this all day long, and when other Christians do, I feel love in my heart and the Holy Spirit confirms it. It's when they speak falsehood and lies that I have to learn to resist it and give the correct Scripture. But instead I give in and end up further away from God.
    3. mukk_in
      Try and be at peace with all the saints kid. They may just be seeing things from a different point of view. That's my last piece of advice for you, if you'd like it.
    4. Emli
      With the saints, yes, I always try to be, but not everyone in the Church is a saint (one of God's Holy people). And they refuse to be at peace with me, no matter how hard I try. So God is leading me to become stronger in Him. There is only God's point of view that we must all seek. Whether that will win people over or offend them, that's in God's hands.