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He Fills It To The Brim

By Ahila Wilson · May 28, 2019 ·
  1. The bridegroom was stressed,

    The bride sat somewhere isolated,

    The feast master was concerned,

    Servants were confused,

    Few guests with advice,

    There was a cheering crowd clueless,

    They ran out of wine in the Cana wedding.

    Not that odd, often our wine runs out as well.

    Judicious, relishing fresh wine that once strengthened us.

    Well, may not be in our wedding, but always in our marriage.

    When the path gets harder,

    The groom is stressed,

    The bride sits alone isolated,

    Parents and friends really concerned,

    The surroundings stare with confusion,

    Yes, we always find people with advice,

    And of course, some others cheering clueless.

    When the time is right barrels of wine filled to the brim will appear,

    Not just enough, not each glass that needs to be served,

    It is to the brim; HE fills it always to the brim.

    At Cana, HE was invited well ahead,

    Empty barrels were accessible,

    Someone was ready to fill them with water,

    It is that water! HE turned to wine.

    Take heart, it’s okay if we run out of wine,

    But let’s be ready with Jesus already invited in the midst,

    Let our souls be accessible to Him,

    Make sure accessible barrels are empty indeed, and not filled with rubbles of the past,

    And finally, let’s fill it with what we have, may it even be simple water, the lowliest love we can bring to the table,

    It’s then! He will turn it into wine,

    Cleansing, purifying, burning, delighting wine, like love He will create in our marriage.

    But let me assure you, the emptied soul in a stranded marriage, “If HE fills, HE fills it to the brim.”

    About Author

    Ahila Wilson
    Ahila's life is a long story of her search for her Creator God, and His amazing revelation of Himself to her. Her life itself is a beautiful unfolding of His pursuit, grace, and unfailing love for her. Her passion is to write about her Creator and Savior God. She loves looking for His beautiful expressions of love in her everyday tasks. She shares her biblical insights @https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwdrBvyXYqrT78uVzBWNdCg


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