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Grieved At Where Much Focus Is

  1. It seems to me that I have been on CF for a long time, and yet it has only been a little over three months!! I have been blessed, and have been told that I have been a blessing. As I continue to read some other blogs, I am grieved this morning that so much time and effort has been put in by people writing back and forth about what time Jesus died (as well as other menial, divisive things)!!! Is that what some people really come on this site for some days; to debate, argue, and fight over what time of the day Jesus died? Jesus must be weeping over this, while Satan is chuckling. We are called to be His soldiers, 2 Timothy 2:4. There are spiritual p.o.w.s that need to be rescued through hearing how to be saved. There are hurting Christians that need to be encouraged, exhorted, and healed, restored to spiritual closeness to God, so that they too can be effective in helping others. Yet the adversary has some soldiers spinning their wheels, wasting time on non-essentials, distracted from the great needs at hand, while some are spiritually bleeding to death, and others are languishing in pain. What is our mindset when we come to this site; is it to help others, and be helped ourselves; or is it to exalt ourselves by pushing pet doctrines, hoping to make converts to our way of thinking, rather than being brought to Jesus, unsaved and saved alike. Does it break our heart because people don't agree with us on what time we think Jesus died on the cross; or does it break our heart that people are dying and going to a Christless eternity in a Lake of Fire? Does it break our heart that people are not growing in Christ, or are being distracted from the real, important things of God. Does it break our heart that people are being stunted in their growth, slowed in their growth, trying to weave their ways through the mazes that are put before them made up of so many non-essentials. Does it break our hearts that people are spending more time reading the opinions of people (some true and some not) than reading the Word of God? Does it break our hearts that people will read of prayer requests, but won't take the time to write down a real prayer, instead of either writing nothing at all, or just writing "praying". If someone tells me "that" I appreciate it, but I don't feel any sense of power on my behalf. What are they praying? Are they praying something God will honor? Do they even understand how to pray for me? This is just beyond what James 2:14-16 is saying. (Please read that passage.) Then there is "But whoso hath this world's good..." 1 John 3:17. Let's apply that to "But whoso can really pray with specific words, and not just say 'I'm praying"... "And seeth his brother have need, and shutteth up his bowels of compassion from him, (doesn't take the time to really write out a real prayer that proves they are really praying and what they are praying) how dwelleth the love of God in him?" Good intentions are fine, but if they are not backed up with the action needed, they don't help. "Well, I intended to put gas in the car before starting the long trip. I intended to turn the iron off, before I started on that long trip. I intended to leave some food and water for my dog inside my house before leaving on that long trip." The result is running out of gas, your house possibly burning down, and your dog dying. So much for good intentions.
    I used to see the alert of how many blogs I haven't read, and then I would set out to read them. Now I look for two things: what is the topic of the blog, and who wrote it. I have read enough of some writers to know where they are coming from, what their background is, and no longer want to read their "garbage." Yes that is what it is, garbage. Garbage in and garbage out; so I don't want anymore of their garbage passing into my mind. I think more of my mind than to do that, and I have better things to do. I am not going to waste time entering into those revolving doors of debate with people stuck in false doctrines they want to keep debating. I may take a few spins, but then I am getting out, and avoiding that door in the future, 1 Timothy 6:20-21. One recently wrote and said "It is easy to run away." Joseph ran away, to his credit, in Genesis 39:12. Proverbs 14:16 says "A wise man feareth, and departeth from evil; but the fool rageth, and is confident." At times I utilize Proverbs 26:4-5 "Answer not a fool according to his folly lest thou also be like unto him. Answer a fool according to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit." So I glance through the blog alerts, pick and choose what I want to read, and how much of it I want to read, reply to what I want to, and then mark it all as read, removing the alert, and move on.
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  1. SpiritofaDove
    I read everything, twice. First, I want to say that I hope one day, I pray one day I know the Bible and God as well as you do. I really enjoy your blogs and I feel God teaching me through you. I'm never sure if I should type out of my prayers for people in the prayer section or not. I have, but then I wasn't sure if this is correct thing to do. You just gave me the answer though and I am going to change this. Thank you again, you are truly a blessing. God bless. :)
  2. bettercallpaul
    What time did Jesus die btw? You've got me curious now. :)
    1. Greg Merrill
      3 p.m. On the cross at 9 a.m. Darkness at noon. Died physically at 3 pm.
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  3. yeshuaslavejeff
    Blessed are they that mourn....

    The striving is largely/ mostly/ because

    the same reason he disciples at first (mostly) strove - "in the flesh" without a new heart.

    A new heart is needed,

    a new creation. In Christ Jesus.

    Without a new heart,
    without a renewed mind --- the mind of Christ,
    there will be strife unended, for now (until Christ returns).

    Exactly as written - perfectly in fact, all things are happening exactly as written in YHWH'S WORD (SCRIPTURE).

    This is actually a relief , though it pierces the heart, because otherwise (before realizing this) there is not really a good explanation of why there is so much disobedience to Jesus, and arguing with His Word, and accusing one another in the various different groups and even within the same group....
    until it is realized
    that because people do not have new clean hearts,
    because people are not new creations yet,
    it is impossible to reconcile their behavior with what the Bible says and how Jesus disciples live once they are born again and walking as He walks.