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Going Fishing With Jesus

By Greg Merrill · Oct 17, 2019 ·
This is an easy method of obedience to the Lord's call for us to share the gospel with others. With the same amount you to it unto others, you can expect a return, as in sowing and reaping. Lk 6:38; Ga 6:7-9
  1. Mark 1:17 says "And Jesus said unto them, follow me and I will make you to become fishers of men." Do we have to go "door to door"? No. Do we have to speak to people "face to face"? No. Do we have to know the Bible real well? No. Do we have to leave our home? No. Does it have to be at a set time? No. Do we have to have a human partner? No. This might not be the best or the most elaborate way, but God can use it.
    Prepare to "cut and paste" or just "copy" the following two URLs.


    Go on Facebook and search for the name of any person. Open up their page and click on "Message", then "paste" the two URL's in their message box, and press "enter".
    Then click on "friends" on their page. If it says "No friends to show." Then go to "search" again and type in any name and do what you just did before. If the person has a number of friends listed, click on one and "message" them the same URLs by hitting "paste".
    Just keep doing this and you will be fishing with Jesus, sending a video that presents the gospel with the first URL, and sending them discipleship training material with the second URL. Whether they are receptive to these or not is between them and God. Our part in this fishing is just to get the message before them, just as a fisherman gets the bait before the fish. It is then up to the fish whether he takes it or not. You probably won't know the outcome till you arrive in Heaven, so just leave the outcome to Jesus (Isaiah 55:10-11). If we don't send these URLs (or fish for souls in some other way) we may never catch anything, but if we do send them who knows how many souls will be caught by Jesus, but at least we will have gone fishing with Him, and that is what He has asked us to do. If you send "too many" people the URL's, you may get a "warning" from Facebook to "slow it down", so don't overdo it. God bless the fishing.


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