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God's Faithfulness In A Caretaker Pastorate

By quietbloke · Sep 15, 2020 ·
  1. In 1993 we were invited to a small AOG church that met on Sunday afternoons,in the town where we were living. The two pastors were good friends. We joined a housegroup there and the leader died and I was asked to lead the group. The Pastors left and I found myself in a Caretaker Pastor's position. I nursed the work,still employed by Royal Mail to earn a living,but giving much needed time to the church. In 1996 my dad died at the age of 73 from respiratory causes. He was in a nursing home when he died. My mum had looked after him when he retired as a School Caretaker and was very ill. They lived many miles away in my home town. My oldest daughter joined the RAF and was with them ten years before leaving to go to Bible College for four years. We built up a team of leaders and worked hard with the members for three years,starting to meet on Sunday mornings and midweek,as well as housegroups. The team wanted the church to ratify the leaders and a vote was held and three were voted in and two out. I was one of the two! This was distressing for us,but we got through it!

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