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God Speaks Again

  1. After I found the midpoint that God had said was "clearly marked," I also found the beginning and the end of the week, again "clearly marked."

    God used the 7's as markers: the 7th seal begins the week, the 7th trumpet marks the midpoint, and the 7th vial ends the week.

    Next, God began teaching me about chapters 4 & 5.

    After I discovered that the entire 70th week is marked by the 7’s, leaving the first 6 seals OUT of the 70th week, I went back to chapters 4 & 5. I asked the Father to show me in these chapters proof that the first seals were NOT in the 70th week. I studied these chapters for a few weeks, and finally got stuck on John weeping much. (It was the Holy Spirit, not me.) I could not seem to get away from that. I asked God why we needed to know that John wept, and why much? Finally He spoke and said only “It shows timing.” I heard His voice again, but this time recognized it was in my spirit.

    I studied these chapters another couple of weeks, and could not find “timing” anywhere, so was frequently bugging God. Finally He spoke again and said, “it also show the movement of time.” I studied diligently, but I could not find any “movement of time” anywhere!

    Finally God had mercy on me and spoke again: “I will ask you three questions. Until you can answer them correctly you will never understand this part of John’s vision.” Then He asked me three questions.

    This won’t be exactly word for word, for it has been a few years now, but it will be close.

    1.“At the time John saw this vision, I had been back in heaven for years. There are a dozen verses showing that I went to be at the right hand of the Father. The first question then, Why did John not immediately see Me at the right hand of the Father in chapter 4?”

    I answered, “I cannot answer that question.” Again He spoke.

    2.“John watched a search to find one worthy to break the seals, end in failure, and that is the very reason John wept much: no man was found worthy. However, if you read ahead, you find that I was found worthy to break the seals.. Why then was I not found in that first search?”

    Again I answered, “Lord, I cannot answer that.” Then He asked me the third question:

    3.“If you notice in chapter 4, the Holy Spirit was still in the throne room. I told the disciples that as soon as I ascended, I would send Him down. Why was the Holy Spirit still in the throne room in chapter 4?”

    Again I said that I could not answer His question. He did not say more at that time. I studied diligently on that vision of the throne room, trying to answer His questions. I could not see timing. I could not see the movement of time. I could not figure out why Jesus was not at the right hand of the Father. I could not figure out why “no man was found.” I could not figure out why the Holy Spirit was still there. I spent weeks looking, and bugging God for help.

    Finally after two or three weeks of study, suddenly I heard His voice again! He said, “go and study chapter 12.” I did not want to. I was in an intense study of chapters 4 & 5, and the last thing I wanted to do was to go to another chapter. However, I was obedient, and flipped the pages to chapter 12. When I got my bible opened to chapter 12, He spoke again.

    “Chapter 12 was Me introducing John to the Dragon, and in particular what the Dragon would be doing in the last half of the week. Count how many times the Dragon is mentioned, including pronouns.” So I counted, 32 times.

    I replied, “I see that this chapter is about the dragon. I counted 32 times.” He spoke again.

    “I also chose to show John how the dragon attempted to to kill me as a child. Those first five verses were a history lesson for John.”

    I let that sink in, and suddenly He said, “now you can go back to chapters 4 & 5.”

    I was amazed. I flipped back to the vision of the throne room, and in just a few minutes had the answer to all three questions! The key I needed was “history lesson.” I suddenly realized that John was looking into the throne room of the past, to a time perhaps just after Jesus was put in the tomb.

    Jesus was not seen at the right hand of the father, for at that time was still on the earth or under the earth. From eternities past to eternities future, there has only been one small period of time where Jesus was NOT at the right hand of the Father, and that was while He was on earth. “No man was found” because Jesus had not yet risen from the dead to be found worthy. Finally, the Holy Spirit was still in the throne room because Jesus had not yet ascended to send Him down.

    Then, as we read into chapter 5, we see that another search was begun as soon as the other search had ended in failure. But this time someone was found! Someone came up to John and told him to stop weeping, for someone had been found worthy. Then John turned and saw a Lamb, having been slain. John got to see in vision form, the moment Jesus ascended, after telling Mary not to hold onto Him for He had not yet ascended. Once Mary left Him, He ascended and entered the throne room, and John got to see this in the vision! Then we read that He came with the Holy Spirit, who was immediately sent down to the earth.

    This vision of the throne room sets the contest for the seals. When did Jesus ascend? Somewhere around 32 AD. The moment Jesus entered the throne room the first thing He did was get the scroll from the right hand of the Father and begin breaking the seals. No one can find 2000 years between any of these verses, because it is not there. The intent of the Author was to show that the first seals were broken about 32 AD.

    The first seal then, the rider on the white horse, is to represent the CHURCH sent out to make disciples of all nations. John used the color white 17 times in Revelation, if I counted right, and each time to represent righteousness. OF COURSE the white color of the horse is also to represent righteousness.

    The second seal, with the red horse and rider, the third seal with the black horse and rider, and the 4th seal with the pale horse and rider are to represent the Dragon or Satan’s attempt to stop the advance of the church. They ride together but were limited in their theater of operation to only 1/4 of the earth. OF COURSE that 1/4 would be centered on Jerusalem. That would then include Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Where have all the famines in our lifetime been? Most have been in Africa? Where did the black plague hit? In Europe.

    John wrote, “power was given unto them...” (6:8) I began to bug God about that: God, who is “them?” He answered, “it is right there in the verse: read it again.” It took me a while to find it. He wrote that “power was given unto them to kill with the sword”.....the red horse rider was given a great sword. “Power was given unto them to kill with hunger....and the black horse was to bring famine. “Power was given unto them to kill with death....and the pale horse rider was named “Death.” So I understood that these three ride together, while the white horse and rider rides alone. Of course these three riders failed to stop the church, for now the gospel can be found anywhere on the planet.

    Next I noticed that at the 5th seal was the very first hint of a time of waiting. This time of waiting is the church age. I was puzzled about the answer given to those under the altar at the 5th seal. All those martyrs were not killed the same way; some were fed to lions, some were crucified, some lost their head....I knew that was not the Author’s intent. Finally I understood it: Those under the altar had to wait for the final martyr to be killed as they were: as CHURCH AGE martyrs.

    In other words, they had to wait for the rapture of the church that would END the church age. The next martyr would be a Day of the Lord martyr. So John gave us another strong hint of a pretrib rapture. What is the very next event John mentions? Of course the 6th seal. I am convinced that the rapture comes one moment before the 6th seal. Again I was amazed at John’s chronology!

    It is no mistake then that the raptured church was seen in heaven shortly after that, in chapter 7. Many have failed to recognize this group, too large to number, as the church, because John is told that they “come out of great tribulation.” Immediately most people think of the days of great tribulation that Jesus spoke of. However, there is a big problem with that theory. John has not yet even started the 70th week, much less arrived at the midpoint and the time the Beast would be revealed. The days of great tribulation that Jesus spoke of would come AFTER the midpoint. In fact, they will not begin until the false prophet shows up and the image and mark are created. This does not come in Revelation until after chapter 14. Therefore it is plain that John is not talking about the days of great tribulation that Jesus talked about.

    What then was John talking about? Any time believers are killed just because they are believers, it is “great tribulation.” How can they be killed twice? How could “tribulation” be any greater for those put to death? Of course, they cannot be killed twice. For those murdered and martyred, it is great tribulation. Therefore all John is telling us is that at the time of the rapture, many will be being martyred around the world. It is in half the world today, and moving West.


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  1. Far Side Of the Moon
    So amazing and informative...thanks for sharing.