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Genesis 47:27-30a

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    Gen 47: 30b-31a . . He replied: I will do as you have spoken. And he said: Swear to me. And he swore to him.

    The Hebrew word for "swear" is shaba` (shaw-bah'). It's basically a promise, guaranteed by repeating it seven times. When God's name is dragged into a shaba` then it becomes a sacred oath; e.g. Gen 24:2-3. Christ okayed promises, but frowned upon sacred oaths. (Matt 5:33-37)

    Gen 47:31b . .Then Israel bowed at the head of the bed.

    There's differences of opinion among the experts how best to interpret that verse; but in context, it appears to me that Jacob has become bedridden, and is-- as best he can for a man of his age and health --doing obeisance to Joseph as a courtesy in the manner that Abraham did with the Hittites back in chapter 23. In other words; Jacob lowered his eyes and nodded his head in a sort of salute; which, courtesy aside, was somewhat equal to saying: Okay then; we're good.


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