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Freedom From Tradition

By timothyu · May 15, 2019 · Updated May 16, 2019 ·
  1. The blind have continued to lead the blind until we now have almost two thousand years of blind tradition to claim as truth backed by religious tradition alone. It blossomed simply because scripture was not the property of the masses.

    Those with eyes to see and ears to hear have, and always will be the minority on the narrow lesser path, yet the majority claims that road also as their own. Mine, mine, mine rather than His, His, His. The blind can no longer lead when Jesus returns and He is no longer in competition with religion. How many faiths within Christianity will there then be claiming to represent Him? None.

    Do people live in a controlled environment for fear they just might accidentally like something presented by someone that smacks of freedom of thought? How did those (few) who truly were born again, ever see beyond the walls of humanity, if they did not first stop listening to the blind world as their master?

    Building walls around the spirit (let alone the flesh) defeats the entire purpose of the freedom initially gained compliments of the Kingdom. The Holy Spirit kept the original truth of the Gospel of the Kingdom in perspective, a foundation from which there is no deviation.

    Yet the blind who remain of the world have laid claim to the HS also in order to justify their doctrines as if it was some seal of authority. A simple test poses two questions. Does their way lead to and in the ways of the Kingdom as Jesus said the HS would do, or does it lead to an institution of man with a gospel that allows them to fully participate in the self serving word of man while claiming salvation from that same world. If one seeks salvation from something, then why carry on it it's same ways? Jesus said to promote the Kingdom, not to claim representation of it while living another way.

    © ...timothyu


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