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Four Stories Of Service To God & Community

  1. 4Group.jpg

    Sending Out Volunteers

    In Gulfport, Mississippi, (upper left) there’s an Assemblies of God church that is growing largely as a result of their continued willingness to serve their community. Connect Fellowship Church is committed to sending out volunteers to assist in city events. CFC Volunteers are known for their hard work and dedication to go the extra mile in their service. In addition, CFC volunteers are also helping at the local schools through a program called Campus Life.

    Teen Mission Program

    Teens in Florida assist in food distribution at the local food bank (upper right) as part of their service through the New Covenant United Methodist Church’s youth missions program. This program provides teens with a summer filled with service. In partnership with other churches, these teens will experience working with the homeless, making minor repairs to homes and other community facilities, and lending a hand at places like the food bank.

    Helping Children Grow

    Appleton Episcopal Ministries, in Macon, Georgia, has developed an intensive six-week summer reading and enrichment program for children living in poverty (lower left). Working off a grant from the Episcopal Church and other sources the school serves as a way to enrich the lives of children while mending the wounds from many years of racial division. Students will be giving exposure to history, civic engagement and social justice, and culturally appropriate books. In addition there will be classes in art, dance, music along with field trips and swim lessons.

    Growing a Church by Serving

    Senior pastor Jason Epperson, in Champaign, Illinois (lower middle) believes his church is growing because they are committed to serving in their community. Church leaders are asked to spend at least 10 hours a week in community service setting an example for the congregation. As a result, hundreds from the congregation are now serving that weren’t serving previously. One of their regular service projects is to hold a once a week dinner for the homeless which also serves as a community gathering point. In addition, they have committed a portion of their donations directly to local service agencies and international missions.

    How might you use your talent
    and resources to serve God?



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