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Fornication Is Not A Legitimate Reason For Divorce

  1. Did Jesus give Fornication as a "Reason" for Divorce?

    The Bible just doesn't say that. It says "..whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication causeth her to commit adultery:..." Mt 5:32 If the wife has committed fornication, divorcing her doesn't cause her to commit adultery, because she has already committed adultery by commiting fornication. Adultery is having sex with someone that is not your spouse. Fornication is more general and all encompassing. No matter what sexual sin you commit by committing fornication, it is not with your spouse. If one divorces their wife, if she seeks to fulfill her sexual desires by remarrying, or by any other way, Jesus says that she would be commiting adultery. God's will is that a man and woman marry until death parts them. Any sex outside of this marriage would be adultery. So Jesus wasn't saying that fornication was a legitimate reason for divorce, just that it wasn't causing the offender to go out and commit adultery. For the spouse that commits fornication, the "ship of adultery" has already sailed.


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  1. frienden thalord
    Lets not forget about the man....................let us read Mathew in the beatitudes
    and also chapter nineteen
    and also mark ten....
    even the one put away if another marries is adultery........
    IS it possible to truly follow JESUS on this command......
    you bet it is........and I have joy doing it
    celebit for well over a decade.................no loss..........only Gain by following HIM........
      Greg Merrill and Sam91 like this.
    1. frienden thalord
      Sam , I am so overjoyed you see this too.
      so many don't see it. I am so joyed
      I almost feel like tossing you up in the air
      and calling ya sunshine. be blessed.
  2. ewq1938
    Yes it's a valid reason for divorce.

    Mat 5:32 But I say unto you, That whosoever shall put away his wife, saving for the cause of fornication, causeth her to commit adultery: and whosoever shall marry her that is divorced committeth adultery.

    This is saying fornication is the only valid reason for divorce. She is free to marry without it being adultery because the divorce is valid. If a man divorces for any other reason, it's an invalid divorce and she is committing adultery if she re-marries because she is still married to her first husband in God's eye.
      Hank77 likes this.
    1. Sam91
      I disagree. I have always read it that either way she commits adultery. If she has already fornicated during the marriage she has caused herself to be an adulterer.

      Whereas, if she was divorced for any other reason her husband has caused the situation where she would be an adulterer if she had relations.
      Greg Merrill likes this.
    2. Greg Merrill
      Mt 5:32 is not saying fornication is a valid reason for divorce. It is saying that fornication doesn't cause the wife to commit adultery, for in committing fornication she has already committed adultery. Putting her away for every other reason causes her to commit adultery. Either way, the penalty under Jewish law for adultery was stoning.
  3. frienden thalord
    CHRIST had to make the POINT clear
    we are guilty of adultery if we lust after another woman in heart
    THAT is no reason for remarriage
    it has to be the actual act of fornication.
  4. yeshuaslavejeff
    As Jesus said more accurately: the fornication had to occur during the betrothal period - before consumation - in the Hebrew customs, times and language.

    This is almost never realized in the west, or in english, or in the united states.
    (the deception is sooooo great, and soooo many people don't want to do nor even to find out what God says).
    1. ewq1938
      I'm afraid the woman is already called his wife so it's a consummated marriage. Nothing about a "betrothal period" is mentioned so that obviously isn't correct.
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