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  1. I've had a chance to read through as much as I can as I continue to study the Bible, since it takes time to contemplate the words of the new testament and let it transform me. Its a process, I understand.

    Before I tried focusing on three words that gave me something to adhere to even though I wasn't good at it. But still some words to consider for the day, since it wasn't always easy to remember scripture, having no discipline. I would think what are the three tenants of Christianity. Faith, Forgiveness, and Compassion. These were the ones that I could come up with. Occasionally coming to the greater notion of mercy which has been recently hard for me to adhere, I suppose we have are ups and downs.

    But focusing on those three words and the feeling helped at times.

    I realized in order to have faith in the new testament you must have compassion, and in order to have compassion, forgiveness is required. Then without looking at the scriptures I can note that most of it is drawn to one teaching. Forgiveness.

    Something I thought about a few moments before writing this and remembered how important it is.

    tenants isn't the right word but its what I thought so it stuck.
    principles, morals,


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