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  1. . . . after reading Genesis 16, Genesis 17 and Genesis 18

    Abraham washed the feet of angels
    then he gave them food to eat,
    as a stomach wished and promises swelled
    to give a son by nearly impossible means.

    But nations needed Sara
    to be a mother, to make possible redemption.
    Sara needed them
    to fulfill the prophecy given to her husband.

    Jesus washed the feet of sinners
    as he gave them food to eat,
    manna, words swelling with promises,
    by the Son, Who was born impossibly.

    But nations needed Mary
    to be a mother, to make possible redemption.
    Mary needed them
    as a legacy for God and husband.

    Joseph, it took one just one angel
    to lean your heart to God.
    How Abraham would have been so proud;
    it took three to make him soft.

    And Joseph, you floated out of Scripture
    after you left from Africa,*
    and even though Mary is called "blessed",**
    both of you are eclipsed by the Son.

    Unless we wash each other's feet,+
    the kingdom is not ours.
    We might speak with tongues of angels and men,++
    but we must wash their dust.
    *I borrowed "Africa" from the opening lyrics of this song
    (fast forward to minute 1:40 if you want to skip the initial
    remarks by co-songwriter and singer here, Mitch McVicker):

    ** Luke 1:46-48
    + John 13:12-20
    ++ 1 Corinthians 13:1
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