Faith, Not A Given, And Absurdity

By Mark Dohle · Sep 26, 2020 ·
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    Faith, not a given, and absurdity

    August 3—Le Fresne church. Holy Hour. While I was doing a hundred and one things I was thinking, “But I must look after my beloved.” “Your beloved does so much for you. When you are absorbed in other things He is there. When you are putting forth great efforts because your faith is dim, He is there. When you no longer feel His presence, He is with you. And when you think you are deserted, He is right in your very center, alive, watchful, loving. Knowing this, how could your tenderness not go out to Him? To Him of whose being you have only a shadowy conception.

    Bossis, Gabrielle. He and I (Kindle Locations 2011-2013). Pauline Books and Media. Kindle Edition.


    Faith is a gift, a grace, but it is not always a given. We are surrounded by intelligence. Our whole world runs on information, we call them laws. We are still discovering these laws, and who knows what the future holds for us. We can use these laws for good, or for evil. Our track record while not all good or bad, is not really all that impressive. We can be very short-sided, with ominous outcomes.

    There are days when faith is easy, effortless, and prayer stress-free. Then, periods of time when there is a struggle to believe because it can seem so absurd to consider the reality of an Infinite Intelligence that revealed its true nature as Love. Then we can ‘feel’ like we are deluding ourselves. It is then that we either take root, going deeper into our relationship with God, are we float away and become indifferent, or even reject what we once believed.

    There is no standing still, we are either moving forward, or slowly, or more rapidly, sinking downward. Going forward or floating backward can’t be stopped, for we only have a certain amount of time. To grow in freedom is to swim against the current. To simply go with the flow can take away our very souls and we simply become machines reacting on instinct.--Br.MD

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