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Easter 2021

By Mark Dohle · Apr 4, 2021 ·
  1. Vigilfire.jpg

    Easter 2021

    We have our Easter Vigil at 4:20 AM. Before the pandemic, we would have around 150 people come for our Vigil service at that time. For the last two Easter’s, we have done it without guest. The experience is two-sided. We miss the guest and will be glad when we can have them back. It is also nice to be by ourselves for the first time, well, ever. Next year, the chances are that we will have friends, our very good friends, back with us.

    The lighting of the ‘fire’ is a highlight for me. We gather in our Cloister Garden, it is dark, this morning was cold. Br. Miguel built the wood for the fire. Watching it come to life and its light-filled the area around us is a beautiful sight. I always get the feeling that I have been transported outside time and space, and am at the very beginning of time when it all began. God working, creating, and still involved with each of us.

    The Lord does not see groups of people but is aware of each heart as if it is the only heart existing. Such is the nature of Infinite, omnipresent love. This love, and yes compassion and empathy that was manifested by Jesus Christ can easily be forgotten by Christians. We can present Jesus just as if He is just like us, just bigger. Which is a mistake. We are called to put on the Mind-Of-Christ. Yet it is easy to put our-mind onto God. We grow into the Mind-Of-Christ as our capacity to love also grows, for they are one. Christ shows us what love is like, it is not easy, but takes on the suffering of those loved, and shows compassion and mercy, even in the midst of conflict.

    It is grace that heals, grace that calls us to go forward, grace that lifts us up, and grace that will not let our hearts rest unless it is in God’s love. Yes, we are purchased at a great price, let us grow in awe and thankfulness over this reality.

    Happy Easter everyone!-BrMD

    About Author

    Mark Dohle
    I am 70 years old, and live near Atlanta, Ga.


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