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Different Outpourings.. Different Results.

  1. I've experienced a number of "spirit outpourings" at churches over the years and I've noticed something.

    There's a "godgasm" type of outpouring where the senses are overloaded and some people fall down unconscious, the strength of this type of outpouring is that it results in a lot of healing, the downside is the lust present. In seeking the Holy Spirit in this type of atmosphere it's almost like a pandora's box scenario, many spirits, but one hope.. hold out for the Hope and sift out everything else .. and you might just experience something special with God.

    There's a "sensory disconnect" type of outpouring where it's like you enter into an entirely different space and the body's urges seem to be completely subdued. One thing I've noticed about this type of outpouring is that it increases apathy to reduce desires, the increase of apathy can be a liability if it removes a person's sense of natural compassion. Some might even begin speaking of humanity as another species if they go too far in the wrong direction. Like with the Godgasm outpouring, the discerning soul needs to sift through the dehumanizing elements, and hold out for God, very God.

    There's a deep love type of outpouring, and it is very rare, this is a place where you an just be yourself. The one side effect of it is once one leaves the area of effect ... they might start to feel disenfranchised and irritable, this type of outpouring can become quite addictive on the darkest end of it.

    The thing with "outpourings" is what the spirit of God displaces in the humans who receive it, that's why there's always a risk and a need for discernment as always.

    I find that God is everywhere, but when we come together in worship of Him, more of His nature is obvious as it is amplified by our collective experience of Him. One thing However really increases outpouring at a church, this is bringing people who don't believe, God really pours it out for them, if you haven't noticed.

    I also find when I go to a church, that most of what I collect over time gets totally drained by the people there like when Jesus said "who touched me?" .. so perhaps a nurturing role is set for me in the future ... though I can't quite handle the drainage factor yet ... so maybe a little more time yet still.

    God bless and keep you all as you seek Him and the riches of His kingdom.


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