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Devotionals & Brief Bible Studies

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    My CF Blog currently has 125 entries. I blog about particular scripture passages and what they mean to me. Chances are I have a blog post that connects with your current situation.

    Here's my stated blog description:

    My goal is to stimulate those who read my blog to open the Bible and do their own study. I pray the Lord uses these words to guide you to a forgotten passage, or awaken your heart to a new passage. May you be greatly blessed in your pursuit of God.

    All of my post are fairly short and should only take a couple of minutes to read. My words are not what's important - your connection with the scripture included and to God is what's important.

    You can find all 125 entries here: Devotionals & Bible Study

    Click Here to watch the "Word of God Speak" music video



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    A quick and meaningful way to spend time with God.