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Day 28

  1. A Journey Through Psalms And Proverbs
    Psalms And Proverbs In A Month (Day 28)​

    Filled with songs, poetry, and other writings, the Psalms and Proverbs express true worship, longing, wisdom, love, desperation, and truth. Find God's comfort, strength, solace, and encouragement in His Holy Word.

    Prayer And Worship: How Do We Approach God?

    Psalms 28: The Lord Is My Strength And My Shield
    • Rejoicing In Answered Prayer: A prayer in distress. (vv. 1-5) Thanksgiving for deliverance. (vv. 6-9)
    Psalms 58: Prayer For The Punishment Of The Wicked
    • God Who Judges The Earth: Wicked judges described and reproved. (vv. 1-5) A prayer that they may be disabled, and their ruin predicted. (vv. 6-11)
    Psalms 88: A Prayer For Help In Despondency
    • A Petition To Be Saved From Death: The psalmist pours out his soul to God in lamentation. (vv. 1-9) He wrestles by faith, in his prayer to God for comfort. (vv. 10-18)
    Psalms 118: Praise To God For His Everlasting Mercy
    • Thanksgiving For The Lord’s Saving Goodness: It is good to trust in the Lord. (vv. 1-18) The coming of Christ in his kingdom. (vv. 19-29)
    Psalms 148: Praise To The Lord From Creation
    • The Whole Creation Invoked To Praise The Lord: The creatures placed in the upper world called on to praise the Lord. (vv. 1-6) Also the creatures of this lower world, especially his own people. (vv. 7-14)
    Conduct: How Shall We Live?

    Proverbs 28: Warnings And Instructions
    • Words Of The Wise: The timidity of the wicked. Government successions and punishment. Of the poor who oppress. The upright poor man and the wicked rich man. The unprofitable conduct of the usurer. The prosperity of the righteous a cause of rejoicing. He is blessed who fears always. A wicked ruler. The murderer. The faithful man. The corrupt judge. The foolishness of trusting in one's own heart. The charitable man. When the wicked are elevated, it is a public evil.

    Words Of Wisdom

    A Journey Through Psalms And Proverbs

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    Running to the God of Unity: The holy community God is creating and how it is to live out its calling. "I therefore, a prisoner for the LORD, urge you to walk in a manner worthy of the calling to which you have been called, with all humility and gentleness, with patience, bearing with one another in love, eager to maintain the unity of the Spirit in the bond of peace." Ephesians 4:1-3
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