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Day 1

  1. Bible Gateway passage: Genesis 1-3 - New American Standard Bible

    Gen. 1:1
    I like how from the start God chooses to separate his two basic realms and continues this theme throughout scripture.

    Gen. 1:26
    Who can pass up this verse and not feel connected to God. We are made in his image. Much has been said about what that means specifically but I will not go into it here.

    Gen. 2:24
    Man and Woman are meant to be joined. A pure intention of God before the fall of man.

    Gen. 3:6
    The woman was tricked and gave it to the man who knew what he was doing (1Tim 2:14).

    Gen. 3:12
    Already man is sinning by blaming the woman when he knew he was in charge and accountable.

    Gen. 3:17
    Ignore God and listen to another person is so typical of man now who does not see the need to have a personal relationship with God.

    Gen. 3:21
    God now sets the bar for covering man and his sin. It is not what man has grown from the field but an animal requiring a sacrifice. It’s all about the blood.

    Gen. 3:24
    Banished until he can be restored back to God by the blood of Jesus.

    (As you can see from the progression in this blog I have not been able to follow a strict schedule. If you are following I'm sorry. I will work harder with the Lords power to keep to schedule.)

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  1. Justbreathing
    I've often wondered about Genesis 1:7-8, God divides the waters with a firmament and calls the firmament between the waters Heaven. So we have water above heaven and below so at first it sounds as though perhaps the water above heaven represents space but then you read Genesis 1:14-18 and you see that what we call space is set in the firmament of heaven. So it leaves me to wonder, is there actually water above the space we see? Or another thought on it is, since the water below is what God then brings land forth from and calls earth is the water above a similar planet but without land and remaining void? Any thoughts??
    Genesis 3:6 As a member of the female population this part still is hard to read without feeling shame.

    Genesis 3:8 ok this has to be one of my favorite verses to read! Not because Adam and Eve were hiding from God out of shame, but because when I read the first part I imagine what that would be like, to be in this beautiful place with God walking with you in the Garden in your physical presence. Calling out in a voice you hear with your physical ears. How amazing would that be!

    Genesis 3:21 and even after our mistakes, God still provides for our needs.
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    2. Stone-n-Steel
      Don't feel shame as a woman. You were tricked by the master deceiver (1Tim 2:14). It was the man that started the sin issue and it has spread in his seed since then. Jesus was without sin because he had the Holy Spirit provide the seed, not sinful Adam.
    3. Stone-n-Steel
      God has always provided for our needs. I hope to get Day 2 done this evening and posted with something you might not have considered. It is taking longer than I anticipated. I could use some prayer if you have some to offer.
    4. Justbreathing
      prayers on the way :)