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Daniel 9 -- Consider The Word And Understand The Vision

By ZNP · Aug 7, 2020 · ·
  1. We need to have a grounded understanding of the end of the age because the amount of irrational and wrong teachings are going to multiply. The world is about to go crazy like a computer crashing. One minute everyone will be denying the Bible and using the term “apocalyptic” like it is a joke, the next minute they will be panicking and running around like chickens with their heads cut off. I saw this happen on 9/11. I was in the Lobby of a stock brokerage firm that I worked at in Manhattan when the first plane hit the Twin towers. We had a big screen TV with the news on so a number of people gathered around looking at what was going on. Someone said it was a terrible accident. I said “that is not an accident, that was intentional”. They immediately attacked me “you don’t know that”. I said ‘look out the window, it is blue sky, clear day, no one is supposed to fly over Manhattan, and that plane didn’t even try to veer out of the way’. This stirred up a lot of people to shout me down when the 2nd plane hit the twin towers. Instantly they all started to go crazy, “how do we get out of here”. I said ‘what are you doing? We are on the ground floor. This is much safer than the street’. They went from total denial to total panic in the snap of your fingers. I expect that will happen when the UN ratifies the peace treaty with Israel. So, while we can still have a rational conversation on what is going to happen we need to go over why Christians teach there will be a tribulation, why it is “7 years long”, and why there is a “great tribulation” during the last 3 ½ years. In addition, we need to know when it starts.

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  1. ZNP
    Lord we pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation to understand your scriptures. Lord we need a vision of your greatness and your awesome power. We repent of our sins and rebellion, we love you, we want to keep your commandments, we want to keep our covenant with You. This country is covered in shame and unfaithfulness. But Lord we desire to return to you. The entire country has transgressed your law and refused to obey You. Therefore we see the curses and sworn judgements from our covenant with You. We see You bringing on great disaster. Now Lord God, who brought your people out of Egypt with a mighty hand and who made for yourself a name that endures to this day. This country has sinned against you and have become an object of scorn around the world. Our prayer is that you would look with favor on your church, the desolate sanctuary. Give ear to the city the bears your name. We call on you for your great mercy. Lord listen! hear and act! For your sake my God, do not delay, because of your city and your people that bear your name.