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Continuous Growth

  1. "and may our oxen be loaded down with produce. May there be no enemy breaking through our walls, no going into captivity, no cries of alarm in our town squares." (Psalms 144:14 NLT)

    When the youth are fully developed and grown, there is an unprecedent increase in national productivity. Therefore, capacity building should be a top priority for the church and the society. Continuous learning and character development should be the pursuit of every youth.
    Increase in crime rate has also being due to lack of adequate coordinated and deliberate capacity development for our youth.
    In a quest for growth and development, many young persons have been led into captivity. They are involved in all manner of unprintable atrocities. They are being led away as captives of sins and immoralities.

    ACTION PLAN: Take a decision as a youth to be committed to continuous learning and character development.

    PRAYER: Oh Lord, release into my life all the help I need to fully develop in character and learning.


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