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Context For A King

  1. Although a beautiful song, I still cringe at the lyrics of one that came out years ago which basically says that God is to be worshipped for primarily who He is is and not for what He has done. I think that the wording is relationally and theologically incorrect. Certainly all glory is to God alone, but how can words have attribution without context?

    Worship, for "Who You are"?
    You are I Am, but can I praise You so singly,
    when I cannot think about You
    apart from what You have done,
    when your very character
    is revealed by your acts, your grace, which I know of
    and cannot un-know?

    I, too, have received commandment to bless,*
    and I would be a donkey-of-a-man
    to set aside the "why".
    I cannot pray without a mediator,**
    nor can I praise without me
    crediting it to Him for
    why He, the Son of Man, is worthy.

    Lord, to not praise You
    for what You have done
    is to fail to be a witness
    of what the Spirit, the water
    and the Blood have done.***
    I say this before men,
    to be acknowledged before my Father who is in Heaven.****
    * Numbers 23
    ** 1 Timothy 2:3-6
    *** 1 John 5:8
    **** Matthew 10:32


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