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  1. I'm wondering if it would help stop intrusive thoughts or make my headache worse. I think it could be a part of ADD, but things affect me oppositely, like stimulants suppress me and make me tired or slow. I have tried calming tea that's supposed to work like a depressant I think but it kept me up instead. Mostly for tea I drink black tea so it doesn't affect me too severely, but I have to think about coffee because I don't drink decaf. I'm considering it before the party tonight but I also don't want to be too tired and useless.


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  1. Andrew4jesus
    Let Christ lift your spirit :)
  2. bettercallpaul
    I'm drinking coffee right now reading this. :)
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    2. Andrew4jesus
      i like a cup of tea myself :)
    3. DeerGlow
      What kind?
    4. Andrew4jesus
      My favourite brew at the moment is " Yorkshire gold". I also like a cup of earl grey after an English breakfast, it really hits the spot :)