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Church ...

  1. So we haven't been to church since the spring. They have a plan to slap a few cool million$ to add on. There is literally nothing wrong with the building. It's been well maintained over the years. So my guess is they're going the way of the world and "theaterizing" it. They want us to have the "Jesus experience". So many of my spidey senses go off when I read the emails which is the only info I read. I sometimes listen to a sermon online. There's MANY ways to contribute your $ to their project. It's sad to open a church email and it's all about how YOU can make THEM money for "God'$ Project"! Yeah, right. When I read about the Laodicea church in Revelation, it just rings a huge bell to me. That is what our church is doing.

    Another thing, in the weeks we've not been there, we've not been contacted in any way as to ask about our absence! Maybe because we are not joined in to be committed to pledges that will fund the addition. If we were, trust me, they'd wanna know where we are and where the money is! We knew not to sign up in the first place because in reality, it's so unnecessary! "If ain't broke......" Nope, they want to go this route. It just goes to show where their hearts are truly are at. They want the popularity and they want $ thrown at them. Greed (among many other things) has overtaken and they've allowed it.

    As of right now we don't feel led to any particular church. We have looked around but for now, we are still on a break. I don't know, maybe God will call us to go back to church. In the meantime, we do some studying at home. I will be honest and say it has been gloriously NICE to just relax on summer Sunday mornings and not have to RUSH to get ready for church! Tea on the patio and relaxing is so refreshing! :blush:


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  1. HenSoma-OneBody
    Still praying for you and your family as you continue to seek God's plan for your needed fellowship. We are the Church, those who truly know Him. The others are all part of the fabric of this world. That is what drives the "Christian Religion" and its system which follows countless manmade traditions and doctrines. Be blessed and encouraged!

    In Christ Love,

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    1. *LILAC
      Thank you, Steve!