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Church For The First Time In 15+ Years...

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    So I went to church yesterday. Twice. For the first time in years.

    I enjoyed it, more than I expected. I have a touch of social anxiety - I rarely leave my house except for work. Yesterday morning I tried several times to talk myself out of going, but I knew I needed to.

    It was a Church of Christ. I used to think they were into the tongues thing, and I am at best skeptical of the tongues thing. But it turns out I was wrong. No tongues involved at all.

    When I got there I hit the first seat I came to. Several people stopped by to say hi, but there wasn't much time between me getting there and the service starting so not much chance for too many people.

    The service was interesting. The church seems to be one that doesn't believe in instruments being used in worship. I don't necessarily agree with that, but it isn't an issue that holds any importance to me. I didn't know a good many of the songs, but most of them were simple melodies that I could pick up easily after listening to the first round. And a few of them I knew from hymns I now listen to frequently on youtube or previous visits to churches.

    The preaching seemed quite sound. I took notes on my phone - hope no one thought I was texting!

    They did a communion thing, and I asked on the forums here about it. From the comments there, my own research, and some verses given to me by the pastor when I went back Sunday night I think it is more of a memorial/obedience thing, which I am cool with.

    I am considering emailing the pastor - I want more info on their bible studies/classes and still have some more questions on the communion thing. But it's gonna be difficult for them to find time to come visit me. I am working overnights this week. Next week I am working my normal shift of 2:30-11pm. Not the best for visitors. My normal schedule is a poor one for normal visiting hours lol:)

    Overall I am quite happy with the church, and rather looking forward to going back again. I am going to make an effort to go Wednesday night, and should be able to.

    I am glad I finally went. It is something I KNEW I needed to do, but kept putting off again and again.

    P.S. - I listen to a lot of preaching on youtube. Currently listening to one I first heard on a christian radio station when I snuck out just a bit ago to grab a burger I've been craving. Anyone else listen to Russell Kelfer? I am in love with this dude...
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  1. WilliamBo
    When I first found Christ, it was in the Church of Christ. The college campus minister from the local COC discipled me, and discipled me very well... I am eternally grateful for him, I really liked them for a denomination, lots of great people. I'm glad you enjoyed it
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  2. Luin
    That is wonderful you were able to go to church!
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