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Church And State

  1. I recently read a post regarding a particular child being persecuted for proclaiming the Christian Faith in a public school during Christmas time. The children started to pick on the child and as an end result, the child wasn't so passionate about at home prayer time and bible readings. The parent was outraged and decided to pull their child from that public school to then put them in a private school.

    I think that is the best move and all children in faith-based homes should go to private schools simply because of the Church and State policy instituted in the US Constitution. It clearly states that Church and State are separate. I believe in the future, as time goes on, the government will make strides in furthering the enforcement of this policy because quite frankly, a church has no place in public schools. It's not constitutional. Our government allows anyone to worship any God they so choose and follow whatever doctrine is available. It's not in the best interest of the government to hinder such freedom, however, time and place. A church is not the place for State Public Schools.

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