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"christian" Churches - Non-trinitarian "christianity"

  1. Are Non-Trinitarian religious groups TRULY part of the universal Christian Church?

    Can Genuine Christians be Non-Trinitarian?

    Without a doubt, the un-deniable fact is that Non-Trinitarian religious groups are NOT true members of the universal Christian Church.

    GENUINE Christians DO NOT adhere to Non-Trinitarian beliefs.


    Every “Christian” cult that denies the true deity of Jesus Christ also teaches that we must add OUR OWN WORKS to Christ's death in order to be saved.

    Saved by Grace.jpg

    Mormons believe that God is merely an exalted man who earned his position by good works

    Mormons also believe that Jesus was a god

    Mormons do not believe that Jesus Christ is God

    Although Mormons say that they are Christians and although they claim that they believe the Word of God, each and every member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints will be eternally separated from God UNLESS he or she completely breaks all ties with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.


    Jehovah’s Witnesses reject the Trinity, believing Jesus to be a created being and the Holy Spirit to essentially be the inanimate power of God.


    Although Jehovah's Witness say that they are Christians, each and every member of the Watch Tower Bible and Tract Society will be eternally separated from God UNLESS he or she completely renounces the heresies of the Jehovah's Witnesses

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  1. Symph
    I gotta disagree a bit here. I think you are correct to identify these branches as cults, and some of their beliefs are definitely apostate, but I've got some first hand knowledge with this. Jehovah's witnesses are forced into their belief from birth, my wife's family was all jehovah's witnesses for most of their lives, they got out of it about a decade or so ago. But the thing was, they truly feared that they HAD to believe like this, or they would find themselves outside of paradise at the end. And they're good people who truly love God and want to worship him, they had been brainwashed in the most literal sense. I don't believe God is going to hold it against someone that they were brainwashed from birth, and while my wife's father never let go of all of his jehovah's witness beliefs, he believed Jesus was a lesser God to Jehovah until the day he died, I believe God overlooked this with him. He used to get WHIPPED as a kid when he would question the jehovah's witness beliefs, that kind of indoctrination just isn't gonna leave a man easily. But he prayed, he read the word, he loved extravagantly, and I believe he's in heaven now.
  2. PropheticTimes
    See what happens when I go to sleep and you are left unsupervised? ROFL :D
    1. Korean-American Christian
      I dun tol' you that I was gonna do it =P
    2. PropheticTimes
  3. Tolworth John
    I think you are confussed as to what is a Christian and what is a Christian church?
    People are not Christian because they belong to the 'right' church.
    They are Christian because of their faith/trust in what Jesus has done for them. There are many Christians with false or ignorant ideas about God, some are in the 'right' churches many are in the 'wrong' churches and some are in false churches.

    It is not our job to identify false Christians, but to spread the knowledge of Jesus and to teach those who don't know or who have little knowledge of him.

    Yes what you've posted about mormons and JW is correct.
    In conversation with them tell them what Jesus has actually done and show them that this deferrs from what they have been taught and move on. You're planting a seed of doubt i their minds water it with prayer.

    Think, if a JW critices your belief do you at once realise they are right or do you dig your heels in and argue. They will do the same.
  4. Mollie1
    Thank you for posting this
    1. Korean-American Christian
      My dear sister, you are very welcome