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Christian Birth: 1, 2, 3, 4. Check.

  1. The Normal Christian Birth

    1. Repent.
    You rethink the way your life is going. You see that living for yourself isn't as satisfying as it used to be. You show fruits of repentance by making an effort of turning away from your old life and bad habits.

    2. Believe.
    You acknowledge that Jesus Christ was a real historical person, that He is God the Son and that He came to earth and died shedding His blood to cover your personal sins and save you from yourself.

    3. Believers Baptism.
    You understand at an age of reason that you need to be born again in the Spirit to receive salvation from God and have your sins washed away by the blood of the lamb. You submit yourself to God by following all of His commandments and being immersed in water. This external ritual signifies both a cleansing bath and a burial of your old selfish life.

    4. Holy Spirit.
    You receive the Holy Spirit to guide you in thanksgiving and keeping His commandments, though you are now born of the Spirit and light, while on earth you still have flesh and darkness that is the cross of suffering to endure.

    A spiritual birth can be mishandled or difficult just like a natural birth.
    A lot of Christians have missed out one or more of these stages and not always by their own faults but by their teachers.

    Check them off do you have all four?

    If not what are you missing?

    Do you know a Christian friend that is missing one or more?

    David Pawson has written a book about this and given many talks often recorded if you are interested to hear more.
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