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Christ In Revelation - The Mediator. (pt. 2)

  1. Christ the Victor over the Enemy.

    Christ is the Mediator of the Covenant that God made with Israel. As such He represents God as the Son of God, & He represents Israel as the Son of Abraham. Part of God`s covenant with Israel was that God would deliver them from their enemies. This would be done by a `promised son` who would be their deliverer.

    The `woman` with the 12 stars, represents Israel who gives birth to a son, Jesus, the promised son. Although he was not received by Israel there will come a time when He will return & deliver them from their enemies. (from Gen. 37: 9 & 10 Isa. 9: 6 & 7)

    The graphic battle of the ages unfolds as Satan unleashes his demonic strategies to get rid of the people of Israel. Each of Satan`s names represent his demonic plan –

    • The serpent of old who deludes.

    • Satan, who deceives.

    • The devil who robs, kills & destroys.

    • The dragon, who devours.


    Finally Satan represented as the `dragon,` tries to devour God`s chosen people, Israel. God promised that they would rule the nations of the world but Satan sets up his Global Government & persecutes the people of Israel.

    Satan`s Global Government.

    Satan`s Global Government has a succession of 7 leaders, (7 heads) with the final leader ruling over a cabal of 10 nations, Islam, (10 crowned horns). They rule the great Federations of the world – described in Daniel 7 as

    • a Lion (Great Britain) & Eagle, (USA) - the mouthpiece of the Global Government.

    • a Leopard (European Union) - origin of the Global economic system.

    • a Bear, (the Russian Federation) – the feet, what is left of their army.

    • the terrifying one, (Islam) – the 10 crowned horns, signifying power & control.

    Alongside the leader of the Global Government is his executor who not only controls the financial system of the world but also heads up the Religious Counsel, drawing all people to worship Satan himself.

    Satan has complete authority & power over this whole `beastly` Global Government. He, the dragon is described with - 7 crowned heads – complete authority, 10 horns - power.

    The Lord Jesus Christ, however, is the victor, who overcomes every plan & strategy of the enemy.


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  1. Luin
    I am glad Jesus Christ has the victory over Satan and that Jesus protects us from evil.
    1. Marilyn C
      Hi Blueroses31,

      Thanks for popping in and sharing. Yes that is so wonderful to remember amid life`s difficulties.

      All the best, Marilyn.
      Bluerose31 likes this.