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  1. This blog entry is about a Creature I made up called Chinon! Here you'll learn about Chinon (pronounced chee-non) and all its types. Note: The two games I talk about in this blog entry are not real in any way. They are nothing more than ideas in my head.

    Chinons are unique, playful creatures that inhabit different areas of the world. They are most often found in forests and in Chinon Habitats, but certain types can also be found around water, in fields, or around mountains. Chinon Habitats are somewhat small areas made for Chinons to live in.

    Chinons are similar to Chao in several ways. Like Chao, they eat fruit and become stronger when they are given Chaos Drives (pieces from robots) and animals. Those that live in Chinon Habitats have plenty of food as there are fruit trees growing a steady supply there; they are raised by their visitors.

    Chinons appear in two games I made up: Sonic Adventure 3 and Chinon Adventures. In Sonic Adventure 3, there are three Chinon Habitats where you can raise and take care of your Chinons for fun. Chinon Adventures has a story that involves one of each type of included Character Chinon (except the Special ones) but also has three Chinon Habitats.

    Chinons have many different types; the most common types, explained here, are the regular types. All of them are born as the Baby form; which adult form they become depends on how you care for them. As it grows, a Baby Chinon's appearance will begin to change as it grows closer to adulthood.

    When you see your Baby Chinon surrounded in yellow light, that means it's becoming an adult! Once it's an adult, it will become one of fifteen types:

    Normal Chinon
    If you don't give your Baby Chinon any Light Fruit or Dark Fruit, or if you give it an equal amount of both, it will become the Normal type. Normal Chinons have freckles, whiskers, small claws, small fangs that can be seen when they open their mouths, rounded wings, pointy ears that stick out to the sides, hair on their heads, forked tails with ends that stick up, dark blue eyes, and diamond shapes behind their heads. They are generally very friendly.

    Light Chinon
    If you give your Baby Chinon one or more Light Fruit, it will become the Light type. Light Chinons have whiskers but no freckles, no claws, small fangs that are not normally visible, angel-like wings, curved ears with heart-shaped tips that point downward, small hair on their heads, forked tails with ends that curve inward, sparkly black eyes, and halos behind their heads. They are often pure of heart, very kind, and easy to raise.

    Dark Chinon
    If you give your Baby Chinon one or more Dark Fruit, it will become the Dark type. Dark Chinons have freckles but no whiskers, long claws, small fangs that can always be seen, bat-like wings, pointy ears that point upward, long hair on their heads, forked tails with ends that curve outward, light blue eyes, and spiky balls behind their heads. They tend to be mischievous, but if you raise them right they can be just as friendly as any other Chinon.

    The Normal, Light, and Dark Chinon each have a Swim, Fly, Run, Power, and Stamina form, one for each stat. The Stamina form is the regular form you get if you don't give your Baby Chinon anything to improve its stats other than fruit, or if its stats are balanced. You'll get one of the other forms if your Chinon has a greater amount of that specific stat.

    The Swim forms have fins on their ears, arms, legs, wings, and tail. The Fly forms have larger wings. The Run forms have spikes on their wrists and ankles and small growths on their wings and tails. The Power forms have rounded wings and tail tips.

    Once your Chinon has reached adulthood, it can't change types until it reverts to the Baby form. At a certain age, a Chinon will either die if it is unloved or revert to the Baby form if it is loved, just like a Chao. Its stats will decrease when it reverts, but this will also allow you to change its type and make it even stronger.

    A rarer type of Chinon is the Special Chinon, the equivalent of the Chaos Chao. You will get a Special Chinon if your Baby Chinon has reverted to the Baby form at least twice, has received one of each animal, and is very loved. Special Chinons will never die or revert again, so make sure you're satisfied with your Chinon's stats before it becomes one!

    Special Chinons come in only three types: Normal, Light, and Dark. The Normal Special Chinon has curvy ears, green eyes, and a glowing sun-like diamond behind its head. The Light Special Chinon has very curved ears, blue eyes, and a glowing halo behind its head. The Dark Special Chinon has yellow eyes and a very spiky ball behind its head. All three Special Chinons have large wings and three points on their tails instead of two.

    Character Chinons are a very rare type that you can only get after achieving certain accomplishments. If you have a Baby Chinon that sparkles, that means it's a Character Chinon! These special Chinons are not affected by Light Fruit, Dark Fruit, or stats. Instead, the type they become depends on which character cares for them the most. As your Character Chinon grows, you will notice it begin to take on the characteristics on that character. At adulthood, it will become one of seven types in Sonic Adventure 3 or one of eleven types in Chinon Adventures:

    Sonic Chinon: The fastest regular Character Chinon which loves to run. Strongest in Run, weakest in Swim.

    Tails Chinon: A somewhat shy Chinon, but it will become very loyal to anyone it befriends.
    Very peaceful in nature and able to fly well with its wings and tails. Strongest in Fly.

    Knuckles Chinon: A powerful and curious Chinon that loves to dig. Despite it's strength, it will not attack unless threatened. Strongest in Power.

    Amy Chinon: Loves to do tricks and special moves.

    Cream Chinon: Very polite and understanding and easily makes friends. It can fly well with its wings and ears. Strongest in Fly, weakest in Power.

    Butterscotch Chinon: Resembles Butterscotch the Vulpix, Tails's pet. Very calm and easy to befriend. It possesses fire powers. Strongest in Run and Power.

    Fluffy Chinon: Resembles Fluffy the Eevee, Sonic's pet. It tends to be very energetic and good at finding ways to entertain itself.

    Shadow Chinon: It possesses Chaos power, which grows stronger when it is near Chaos Emeralds or Magic Jewels. Can run nearly as fast as the Sonic Chinon. Strongest in Run and Power.

    Silver Chinon: This Chinon has telekinetic powers which it can use to lift objects up to twice its size. It tends to be quite intelligent and has good endurance. Can either fly using its wings or float using its telekinesis. Strongest in Fly and Power.

    Blaze Chinon: Has fire powers, which it loves to practice and improve. Quickly forms strong bonds with others. Strongest in Power.

    Rouge Chinon: Is attracted to shiny objects and can fly well with its large wings. Strongest in Fly.

    Although Character Chinons have similar appearances and powers to the characters they resemble, their personalities are not always the same. Each Chinon has its own unique personality no matter what type it is. Like the Special Chinons, Character Chinons do not die or revert to the Baby form. Once one becomes an adult it can never change into a different Character Chinon, so choose wisely.

    These Chinons are the rarest and most powerful of all. To get one, you must have a Sonic, Shadow, Silver, or Blaze Chinon and a very rare fruit known as a Magic Fruit. When it eats a Magic Fruit, one of these Character Chinons will become the corresponding Special Character Chinon. There are four different types of Special Character Chinons:

    Super Sonic Chinon: With even greater speed than the Sonic Chinon, this Chinon is incredibly quick and has quick reflexes as well. Swim is no longer a weakness with its ability to float right over the water.

    Super Shadow Chinon: Has incredible speed and even greater Chaos power than the Shadow Chinon, which is not weakened by an absence of Chaos Emeralds or Magic Jewels. Likes to use its long tail to smack any enemies that come too close.

    Super Silver Chinon: With even more powerful telekinesis than the Silver Chinon, it can use this power to lift an object ten times its own weight with ease.

    Burning Blaze Chinon: With a very determined and brave personality, it likes to battle and show off its powers. Its scorching fire powers are even stronger than the Blaze Chinon's.

    There is one type of Chinon that is not included in Sonic Adventure 3 or Chinon Adventures. It is not even related to the Sonic series! This is the Miku Chinon, slightly resembling Miku from Vocaloid. The Miku Chinon is related to the Vocaloid series instead. It loves to sing and make music.

    -I don't remember exactly why I made Chinons. They could have possibly been an idea that popped into my head, like many of my other ideas.

    -The original drawing of the Normal Fly Chinon shows it having purple hair on its head. Somehow I looked at it wrong the next time I drew it and made the hair brown instead. It has been brown ever since.

    -The original drawing of the Cream Chinon has a white belly, but I didn't think that was necessary.

    -The original drawings of the Super Silver and Burning Blaze Chinons are the wrong colors because I didn't have a reference of the characters in front of me and couldn't remember their exact coloring.

    -At the time I made the Silver, Blaze, and Rouge Chinons, I was going to make a Bluda Chinon as well (Bluda is a Pokemon I made up) to resemble Shadow's pet Bluda. I ended up scrapping that one, probably because Shadow's Bluda dies in the series he appears in.

    -I believe I drew the Miku Chinon just for fun originally, but ended up liking it enough that I kept it.

    -Sonic Adventure 3 introduces all regular Chinons as well as the Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Butterscotch, Fluffy, and Super Sonic Chinons. The Shadow, Silver, Blaze, Rouge, Super Shadow, Super Silver, and Burning Blaze Chinons are introduced in Chinon Adventures.

    -Dates of creation: Baby, Normal, Light, Dark, and all three Special Chinons -June 30, 2009. All Swim, Fly, Run, and Power Chinons - July 6, 2009. Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, Butterscotch, and Fluffy Chinons: August 9, 2009. Super Sonic Chinon - August 10, 2009. Shadow Chinon - October 20, 2009. Super Shadow, Silver, Blaze, and Rouge Chinons - January 30, 2010. Super Silver and Burning Blaze Chinons - February 17, 2010. Miku Chinon - May 2010 (I can't find the original picture so I don't remember the exact date. I'll update if I find it).

    Disclaimer: The only things mentioned in this blog post that belong to me are Chinon and related things, Bluda, and Magic Jewels (Magic Jewels are from a world I made called Capia which I may make another blog post about). I made Butterscotch and Fluffy, but Vulpix, Eevee, and Pokemon belong to Nintendo. Chao and all Sonic characters mentioned belong to Sega. Miku and Vocaloid also do not belong to me.

    Finally, if you'd like the see images of the Chinon types, you can find pixel animations of all of them here (posts #15-24). I hope you enjoyed learning about Chinons!

    About Author

    I've made many different stories, characters, imaginary games, and other creative stuff over the years. It's fun!
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