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Children And Education

  1. I am writing a novel at the moment about the coming of age of half a dozen boys who are mates.

    It is not a Christian novel because I want boys who are not Christians to read it, but much of it includes Christian themes written in a language that they would understand.

    For instance, I guide them through sex from a biblical perspective without mentioning the bible or using biblical words but the setting of the teenager's lives show what it means to honour their mother and father and conduct themselves as sexual beings without having to make themselves cheap.

    There is no filth or swearing in the book so I hope to pass on good reading and writing in it. One thing I am learning as I write the book is how much our children have been sold a pup in regards to things that are important for a parent to be able to produce confident, well-rounded individuals.

    As I run through various scenarios that young people are confronted with to try and turn them into a chapter of the book and bring some sense into their muddled world, I have been brought to tears many times and have asked myself how mankind could be so cruel to their children.

    Even worse, it is going to get worse, not better for them if governments who have abdicated their responsibility to society in favour of a handful of minorities hell-bent on destroying all that is good in society get the upper hand, which seems to be the case at the moment.

    I realise that at the end of the day God will win and he will put everything right but it does not alter the fact that as a grandfather of 10 grandchildren who are being brought up in a Christian home, all of whom I love dearly, I am so sad at what is being dished up to minors and claimed as normal especially through a God forsaken state education system.

    The private (Christian) education system is not immune as I found out when I was handed a yr 10 class to teach English to.

    Being a Catholic (Christian?) school, policy dictated that swearing of any kind was forbidden in the classroom from both teacher and student.

    I was given the reader for term 2 which I read over the holiday and I was appalled. On the first day back I spoke to the Principal and asked if it was the policy that teachers and students were forbidden to swear in the classroom.

    He confirmed that it was so I put the book in front of him and said that being the case I could not use this book as a class reader as there is hardly a page that does not include swearing and/or foul language.

    If you passed by the class whilst a student was reading the book out loud to the class I would immediately be called aside and be reprimanded.

    His response was "give me the book and I will talk to the English Co-ordinator about it." With that, I left.

    A week later he gave me the book back and told me to use it as the English Co-ordinator said it was OK.

    Let your speech be with all grace the scripture says. Not in this school.

    A placid belief that it will be alright in the end will certainly leave a path of destroyed lives because we sat by and did nothing.

    About Author

    I have been employed researching current affairs and running Christian organizations whose goal is to advise and inform the church about these matters.

    I get information from all over the world, especially about stuff that the mainstream media (MSM) or as I call them, lamestream media won't touch with a barge pole because it exposes their biases.

    In addition, I have read countless books from writers like Charles Colson and Nancy Pearcey which give a God's eye view on culture and society.


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  1. faroukfarouk
    Hi; some good themes; in the end the Biblical perspective is unavoidable, right?
    1. Episaw
      Yes, that is true and that is why I am not shying away from them even though the book is intended for the secular market.