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Cf Pharisees Meeting

  1. OK thank you for coming tonight. Take a seat.
    Now as you know our job is to point out others' faults and get them back on track. That seems to be on target. Well done.
    Our hypocrisy levels are through the roof which is great news. We almost broke a record for last month. I really like how some of you have a walk which is diametrically opposite to your talk. Sensational! What talent we have on board here.
    Now one area of improvement I can see needs addressing. If we can just emphasise the eternal damnation a bit more, that would be good. Fear works. Believe me. Remember I threatened you with eternal low pay cut last month and look at the results!
    Ok guys on your bike. Go out there and spread the word, even if you don't listen to it yourself! :)
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  1. Quasiblogo
    What! No reunion yet? Well, consistency would not be proud of our charter. ;). “Glory to glory”
  2. Quasiblogo
    Sorry I couldn't make it last night. Too busy cutting people off in traffic, then getting indignant if they reciprocated.

    It'll have to be by correspondence. Do I address it to Screwtape Jr?
    1. Godlovesmetwo
      Screwtape is fine.
      Not another road rager. Thought I was the only one on CF.
  3. Godlovesmetwo
    I think we need to hold these meetings more often so others can attend and give their testimonies.
    1. brinny
      i agree. They're very cleansing fer the soul or like mine, what's left of one.....i think it was shrinking, along with my crusted over heart

    2. brinny
      Well now i must get some rest....all that confession has plumb tuckered me out.

      to be continued.....
    3. Beautyinsteadofashes
      Speak life Brinny! I read all your comments. So down on yourself. :(
      Let your words speak life
  4. brinny
    First post and confession of shamefulness and disgrace:
    Oh dear, i am the chiefest of the Pharisees. You found me out. And now i feel so guilty i just had to come here and confess.

    It's that self-righteousness that i just can't seem to control and the subtle mocking of others in the form of humor, just because it's fun, and i like to take pot shots at them, and maybe cause them to stumble a little bit.

    I admit it, horrid creature that i am.

    Oh woe is me.

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    2. Godlovesmetwo
      glad to see I'm not the only one with mental health issues. :)
    3. brinny
      Yes, that is another confession....i am unbalanced, and a secret introvert.....the kind that is more bold behind a 'puter screen than in fer-real life.

      That's why i take it out on others.

      I'm mizzzerable.

      and i spew that mizzery out ev'ry where.

      I admit it.

    4. brinny
      And i have another confession....i hates me-self....that's why i hates other peoples....

  5. PropheticTimes
    brilliant ;)
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    2. brinny
      Yes, i am soooo much better now.......aah, confession is good for the soul.

      Thank you for this opportunity to come clean and confess my pharisaic self.

      Is my halo on straight?
    3. PropheticTimes
      it's a bit askew at the moment
    4. *LILAC
      Brinny has a halo?! Where's mine?!