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  1. Conforming To The Perfect Image

    "For those whom He foreknew [of whom He was aware and loved beforehand], He also destined from the beginning [foreordaining them] to be molded into the image of His Son [and share inwardly His likeness], that He might become the firstborn among many brethren." (Romans 8:29 AMPC) … The good that God intended to achieve in our lives from every experience is for us to be conformed to the image of His dear Son (Romans 8:28-29). Has God foreordained everyone or some selected few to be conformable...
  2. Alcohol ~ The 3rd Leading Preventable Cause Of Death

    People don't think enough about their responsibility to be good examples to others. If we do things that lead others into sin, we are partially responsible for their sin. So if you drink, and your example leads others to drink, and they get drunk and kill themselves or someone else, YOU are partially to blame. That is a pretty heavy thought.
  3. Good Or Bad, It Will End In Praises

    "We are assured and know that [God being a partner in their labor] all things work together and are [fitting into a plan] for good to and for those who love God and are called according to [His] design and purpose." (Romans 8:28 AMPC) The kind of knowing here must be experiential. The experiential knowledge of whom God is will give us a different level of confidence. The confidence that makes us to rest on His promises and plans for our lives. Actually what He has in store for us are...
  4. Forgiveness Is More Important Than Being Healed

    I believe that if we are right with God, we won't be afraid to die. We will accept LIFE or DEATH, whichever God deems best, as His will for us. Yes, we should do ALL on our part to live by eating right and making sure our lifestyle is in harmony with Biblical teachings...that is SHOWING OUR FAITH - FAITH IN ACTION....then we should trust God with the outcome. I believe that many are afraid to die, because they KNOW they are not ready to meet God.
  5. Cultivating An Effective Prayer Life

    "And He Who searches the hearts of men knows what is in the mind of the [Holy] Spirit [what His intent is], because the Spirit intercedes and pleads [before God] in behalf of the saints according to and in harmony with God's will." (Romans 8:27 AMPC) The Lord Himself searches our hearts. He thoroughly investigate our hearts in order to determine our intentions. Our intentions as humans are never hidden from God. The Holy Spirit intercede and plead on our behalf according to the will of God....
  6. Ever-present Helper

    "So too the [Holy] Spirit comes to our aid and bears us up in our weakness; for we do not know what prayer to offer nor how to offer it worthily as we ought, but the Spirit Himself goes to meet our supplication and pleads in our behalf with unspeakable yearnings and groanings too deep for utterance." (Romans 8:26 AMPC) The Holy Spirit, whom we received at new birth, is a Helper. He is standing by to help us all the time if we ask Him for it. He is ready to help against our weaknesses. The...
  7. Hope Of Eternal Salvation

    "For in [this] hope we were saved. But hope [the object of] which is seen is not hope. For how can one hope for what he already sees?" (Romans 8:24 AMPC) We were saved in the hope that has the Father glorified His Son, He will also glorify us. Hope is to expect with confidence (Merriam-Webster Dictionary). We must be persuaded to expect this with confidence in God. If is here and now, it is no longer hope. Hope is the rope that connects us to the future. Once it is intact, we will surely...
  8. Are You Afraid To Be In The Minority?

    Are you afraid to be in the MINORITY? Those in the MAJORITY have never been on the right side. All through Bible times, to the present, this has been the story….repeated time and time again. Noah, Moses & Aaron, Elijah & Daniel were in the Minority. Martin Luther and all the Reformers were in the Minority.
  9. 2nd Hand Clothes ~ Great! 2nd Hand Food? Sounds Gross, Doesn't It?

    Eating MEAT has never been the best and healthiest diet, but today, it is more unhealthy than ever before. I LOVE 2nd Hand Clothing Stores such as Salvation Army....but 2nd Hand FOOD???? That doesn't sound appetizing at all! And if you think about it, that is EXACTLY what MEAT is ~ The Animals eat the grains and the vegetables, and then humans eat their meat, getting the grains and the vegetables 2nd Hand.
  10. You Will Live Forever, But Where? Heaven Or Hell

    "And not only the creation, but we ourselves too, who have and enjoy the firstfruits of the [Holy] Spirit [a foretaste of the blissful things to come] groan inwardly as we wait for the redemption of our bodies [from sensuality and the grave, which will reveal] our adoption (our manifestation as God's sons)." (Romans 8:23 AMPC) It is not only the entire creation that earnestly wait for our manifestation, we ourselves groan on the inside all the time. This is because we are now filled with...
  11. Train Station

    A personal dream.
  12. Manifestation Of God's Children 2

    "That nature (creation) itself will be set free from its bondage to decay and corruption [and gain an entrance] into the glorious freedom of God's children." (Romans 8:21 AMPC) The nature is in perpetual bondage to decay and corruption. It is going naturally in the direction of decadence. This was not God's original plan, but when Adam and his wife fell into sin, decadence entered our world. It was like a button that was pushed that triggered an atomic bomb of decay and corruption. God's...
  13. Manifestation Of God's Children

    "For [even the whole] creation (all nature) waits expectantly and longs earnestly for God's sons to be made known [waits for the revealing, the disclosing of their sonship]." (Romans 8:19 AMPC) The whole universe is waiting for our manifestation. It mean then there is something peculiar about the glorious revealing of God's children. Our full manifestation, in this present world and in heaven, will benefit all creatures including humans. God's intention for us is to subdue all creatures and...
  14. Daniel's Example Is For Us Today

    "And the king appointed them a daily provision of the king's meat, and of the wine which he drank: so nourishing them three years, that at the end thereof they might stand before the king." Daniel 1:5. The story of Daniel and his three friends teaches us an important lesson. It teaches us that when we know that something is unhealthy to eat, we shouldn't eat it, just to appease our friends. How many times I've heard Christians say that, "We must be careful not to offend someone by not...
  15. Joy Cometh In The Morning

    "[But what of that?] For I consider that the sufferings of this present time (this present life) are not worth being compared with the glory that is about to be revealed to us and in us and for us and conferred on us!" (Romans 8:18 AMPC) Our present sufferings can never be compared to the glory the Father is keeping in store for us. They are actually infinitesimally small in comparison to the honour and glory. It was the same thing our elder brother, Jesus, endured on the Cross of Calvary....