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Calling All Culinary Masterminds

  1. Quite honestly I got tired of searching for the appropriate forum so I just made this a blog. But please leave comments. For those of you reading who enjoy cooking I need some recipe ideas to use up some items from my pantry. My son and I worked on cleaning out the cabinets today. We have an overabundance of:
    Peanut butter (creamy)
    Mac and cheese
    Sphagetti noodles
    Oatmeal ( packets in flavors of original, apples and cinnamon and... whatever the green one is )
    Cups and cans of diced peaches and mixed fruit
    Apple sauce. Sweetened and unsweetened
    And mashed potatoes

    We really don’t eat much of this stuff we get it from neighbors and from the school. I would really hate to throw it away and I have no one to give it to because I don’t know anyone who wants it.

    I do know one recipe I can use applesauce and raisins for. It’s an apple Walnut cake which uses applesauce in place of oil. But I have Soooo Much of it!

    I would love to use some of this stuff to make dishes to take to “guest”, a shelter in my area. ( as soon as I’m healthy enough to go serve.)

    Any ideas are greatly appreciated! I have a crock pot and a roasting pan and baking dishes if that info helps any.


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