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  1. I was wondering what I should think of bullfights (as a tradition/practice). I have been told that they use the meat of the bulls they kill and give it to the hungry. I was really thinking during the second fight (the first one I had a weird feeling realizing the bull was bleeding then when it was dragged off), about that scripture about humans being worth more than many sparrows (Matthew 10:29-31). I was looking at the bullfighter and the bull and horse and just thinking. The scripture I mentioned before, one from the death penalty thread on the home page about whoever (/whatever[?]) takes a man's life/lifeblood his life/lifeblood shall be required by man (Genesis 9:6), and the concept that man was made in God's image. The horse and bull were created by God, but the bullfighter and the people fed by the bull are so much more valuable, made in God's image (Genesis 1:27). Not immortal or invincible in whatever they do but valuable to God and watched over by Him.

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    I am not a teacher, just a kid with an overactive and strange mind. My posts are not meant to teach but to be representations of thoughts and my considerations on their truthfulness and applicability.


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  1. High Fidelity
    It's absolutely disgusting and anyone that partakes in it should be utterly ashamed.

    You don't need to torture an animal, much less for the entertainment of on-looking sadists, in order to provide food for the poor or needy. If you're going to kill it, do it as quickly and humanely as possible.

    It is not a sport, it is vile, and no matter that we have dominion over animals under God, I can't imagine God would be all that thrilled at someone who takes pleasure in causing extreme pain, distress and suffering whilst torturing an animal for 'sport'. It says a lot about the person, as far as I'm concerned.
  2. Catherineanne
    Killing any animal for sport is barbaric. Extending the suffering caused in the process of killing the animal is barbaric. Making a public entertainment out of such suffering is barbaric.

    Not sure what uncertainty there can be on that one.