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Brief Study On Genesis 1:1-2

By Swan7, Feb 1, 2020 | |
  1. Definitions

    Darkness, Deep (Tehom: sea, abyss) and Formless. These are the 3 elements of Chaos (tohu wa bohu).
    This oddly is in opposition of the Trinity of God (this is just an observation).
    Chaos: Tohu va vohu.
    Formless: Confusion, unreality, emptiness
    Void: Waste, destruction, ruin

    The word “Darkness” in this passage is different than other "darkness" in the Bible. In this passage it is “Choshek” and is seen in, to name a few:
    - Job 3:3-4, 26:10, 38:19.
    - Jeremiah 4:16-18, 4:22-28
    - Isaiah 34:9-11, 45:7 & 19

    I have come to a rough conclusion that Genesis 1:1-2 and onward is indeed in succession, but I also believe it to be symbolic to or prophetic to Satan’s fall. Satan had first deceived Eve, and Eve disobeyed while Adam did not protect or be the guard of Eden - which spiraled sin throughout generations after them. Sin had entered the whole world as death.
    From reading on from verses 1 & 2, God begins to form the heavens and the earth (the waters). He creates order from this chaos and proves from the very beginning that He is in complete control even in its midst.

    God speaks in such a way that we humans (without His Spirit) don’t comprehend, but with the Holy Spirit that He has graciously supplied to those who believe and follow Jesus Christ with prayer supplication, can we hope to understand His Words. His way of communication is just fascinating!

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