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Book Of Revelation = 70th Week Of Daniel (introduction)

By Humble Penny · Jul 1, 2021 · ·
  1. As I promised in 28 Year Correction Leads to Great Tribulation in 2040 AD For the longest time it was difficult for me to understand the timeline of Revelation as I didn't completely understand the timing of the 70 Weeks of Daniel. Once I did understand them it became clear that the timeline of Revelation is simply concerned with the 70th Week of Daniel. With that understanding I found it unsurprising that John borrowed many familiar things from Daniel and felt no need to explain the 70 Weeks again as the readers familiar with prophecy would readily understand.

    As for the timeline of Revelation it would look like this:

    Year 1) Opening of the 1st Seal and appearance of the Rider of the White Horse. Third Temple is completed and sacrifices and daily offerings resume. And the Antichrist makes a covenant with many nations.

    Year 2) Opening of 2nd Seal and appearance of Rider on the Red Horse.

    Year 3) Opening of the 3rd Seal and the appearance of the Rider on the Black Horse.

    Year 4.5) Opening of the 4th Seal and the appearance of the Rider on the Pale Horse. The Great Red Dragon/Satan will give power unto the Beast of the Sea/Antichrist who breaks his covenant, stands in the Holy of Holies and declares himself to be "God"; and this will allow him to give power unto the Beast of the Earth/False Prophet who will perform signs and wonders to deceive the people and convince them to worship the Beast of the Sea!

    At this time God will mark all of His followers while the Beast of the Sea will mark all of his followers, and the order will be given that all who do not possess the Mark of the Beast or the Number of his Name will be unable to buy or sell; and, another order will be given to hunt the followers of God and Christ and put them under torture until they decide to either worship the Beast of the Sea and receive his Mark or the Number of his Name, or simply die in agony.

    During this time the Two Witnesses of Christ will come and make war with the followers of the Beast of the Sea and overcome them. The Two Witnesses will continue in their testimony for 3.5 Years.

    Year 5)

    Year 6)

    Year 7) The Beast of the Sea will finally make battle with the Two Witnesses and be greatly wounded, and to his followers it would seem he was defeated: but in a shocking twist of fate the Beast of the Sea will rise out of the bottomless pit and kill the Two Witnesses! Their bodies will not be buried for 3.5 Days and the followers of the Beast of the Sea will rejoice and give one another gifts to celebrate their triumph over them. After 3.5 Days the Two Witnesses will rise from the dead; Christ will appear from heaven in a cloud and make war with the Beast of the Sea and False Prophet and his followers, who will be swiftly defeated and cast into the lake of fire to burn forever; The Great Red Dragon/Satan will be bound in the bottomless pit and not be released until the Millennial Reign of Christ is finished.

    This is the most I've been able to workout for the 70th Week. I left the other years blank as I wasn't sure what other possible political events might occur to lead up to each of the 3.5 Year periods.

    With the political unrest all over the world I'm wondering if the Marxist ideology spouted by the World Economic Forum, "You will own nothing, and be happy" will happen before the 70th Week or during it? It occurred to me that aside from the red heifer and the completion of the construction of the Third Temple there must be more pieces of the puzzle connected before that point is reached as the site for Third Temple has not been chosen...though talks on both the Palestinian and Israeli sides are much more open and frequent with their respective leaders massaging the idea of the Third Temple and peaceful co-existence between Jews and Arabs.

    In order to estimate a possible time-line I reasoned that the Temple must be completed by the time the 70th Week begins; from here I looked at the three recorded times in Scripture it took for the two Temples to be finished:

    1st Temple king Solomon
    7 Years

    2nd Temple (1.0) Zerubbabel
    7 Years

    2nd Temple (2.0) king Herod
    46 Years

    With these years in mind I ruled out the 46 Years by king Herod as he did not make a new Temple, but sought to expand it and make it more glorious, and, according to the data I have been able to compile this would place us past the beginning of the 70th Week. And since I could not find find any witnesses testifying to the fact that Romulus built Rome in the 1st Olympiad instead of the 7th Olympiad, I had to abandon my 5949 AM conclusion and correct it to 5977 AM. Now this left me wondering what could realistically transpire in a 16 Year window? According to Daniel things would move faster and not slower the closer we got to the time of the end.

    Whether it will take 7 Years exactly or a few more or less to build the Third Temple I cannot say for certain. What I can say for certain is that after all of my research on history and biblical chronology I do not find the Holy Spirit leading me past this point. From a geopolitical perspective the world is showing signs of giving birth to a world tyrant, and from what I know about the many signs accompanying the fall of empires is that:

    1) Loss of faith in God and man.
    2) Increase in pleasure and entertainment.
    3) Greed for riches.
    4) Apathy.
    5) Internal chaos.
    6) Increase in wars and strife among nations and peoples.
    7) Debased currency.

    And as we well know we are living in the times of the Feet of Iron Mixed with Clay and these seven signs are present among all the nations of the world. I should also add that the words of Plato in his book Res Publica seem to be very prophetic concerning democracy...for he writes that democracy will devolve into a tyranny: and when I look around the world and see how virtually all nations have become democratic...the end truly is near and the world will give birth to a New Age Augustus Caesar who will later become a New Age Nero...follow along in the next and final part of this series Book of Revelation = 70th Week of Daniel (Conclusion).

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  1. Humble Penny
    Attached is a .pdf file which I record all of the Jubilees from the creation of the world to the 7,000th Year which is the end of the world. In this file I also mark important events from Scrioture and lay them out in a clear and easy to understand matter. If you have any questions then don't hesitate to ask.