Book Of Revelation = 70th Week Of Daniel (conclusion)

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  1. Continuing from Book of Revelation (Introduction) we will cover the entirety of Revelation from a chronological perspective. We will divide the whole of the book into parts and then reunite them to show how they line up, this I accomplished by concluding that 7 Seals = 70th Week of Daniel = Final 7 Years.

    Attached is a screenshot of the simple chronological timeline I created for the events of Revelation.


    While analyzing the structure of Revelation I found the following:

    Opening of the Letter to the 7 Churches

    ...after a quick introduction and messages of warning and encouragement to the 7 Churches in Asia the vision begins...

    4 Beasts & 24 Elders

    Lamb & Scroll with 7 Seals
    ...while I haven't clearly identified the meaning behind the 4 Beasts and the 24 Elders it is undeniable that the Lamb is Christ Jesus. The Scroll with the 7 Seals = 70th Week of Daniel...

    Seals 1 thru 6

    144,000 & White Robed Multitude
    Seal 7
    ...since only the first six seals are mentioned first I realized that this was purposefully following the pattern of creation: 6 Days = Work and 7th Day = Rest therefore I concluded that 7 Seals = 7 Years. This is made clear by the saints being placed between the opening of the first six seals and the opening of the seventh seal...

    Trumpets 1 thru 6

    The Angel with the Little Book
    Two Witnesses
    Trumpet 7
    ...while the 7 Trumpets follow the pattern of creation they begin in the middle of the 70th Week or the start of the Great Tribulation, and this I concluded because the 2 Witnesses begin their preaching at the same time the Antichrist declares himself "God" in the 3rd Temple. Now this is important because:

    3 Years 6 Months = 1,260 Days
    1,260 Days รท 6 Trumpets = 210 Days

    Therefore this aligns with the 7th Trumpet/3rd Woe being the time when Christ appears from heaven in a cloud; and this happens 3.5 Days/shortly after the 6th Trumpet/2nd Woe which is when the 2 Witnesses are killed after the Beast of the Sea rises from the dead/the bottomless pit; and this would make the 5th Trumpet/1st Woe the exact time the locusts come out of the bottomless pit which is right before the Beast of the Sea rises out of it to kill the 2 Witnesses...

    The Woman and the Dragon

    The 2 Beasts
    The Song of the 144,000; the Messages of the 3 Angels; the Harvest of the Earth
    14:1-20 we have another interlude where we are given more details into the nature of the 2 Witnesses, the Beast and the False Prophet, and the Mark of the Beast/Number of his name which is given during the Great Tribulation. The 144,000 are sealed and singing praises on how they and the saints overcame the Enemy by the Blood of the Lamb, while the 3 Angels issue a stern warning to those who haven't taken the Mark of the Beast to not take it or suffer the 2nd Death, and this would make the Harvest of the Earth = First Fruits...

    The Angels with the 7 Last Plagues

    The 7 Bowls of Wrath
    The Judgment of the Great Harlot
    The Fall of Babylon
    The Multitude in Heaven Praises God; the Marriage Supper of the Lamb; the Rider on the White Horse
    ...while the 7 Bowls of Wrath don't follow the 6 + 1 formula we saw with the 7 Trumpets and the 7 Seals, we see that it follows the same timing of the 7 Trumpets as the plagues are being poured out upon those who worship the Beast and have his Mark/Number. And we also see that the judgment of Mystery Babylon/Old Jerusalem by fire happens right before the battle between Jesus Christ and the army of the Beast and the False Prophet occur at Armageddon; and finally the saints rejoice after the Beast and the False Prophet are thrown into the lake of fire and Mystery Babylon is destroyed, but the sinners left alive at this time will be mourning Her destruction...

    Jesus Christ's Millenial Kingdom; Judgement at the Great Whote Throne

    ...After the 70th Week has been completed then we have the 1,000 Year Kingdom of Christ where the 1st Resurrection occurs where only the saints will rise from the dead, and it is at this time where mankind will be able for the first and last time for 1,000 Years! During this time Satan will be imprisoned and the final chapter of Zechariah's prophecy and the Millenial Temple of Ezekiel will be seen as their will be many sinners left alive at this time who must be properly educated on the Law and the Prophets and, must by a necessity be judged by them. After this period is over we will expect the Gog and Magog war to occur when Satan is released from the Bottomless Pit and will be able to deceive the rest of the sinners left at this time to wage a final battle between him and God. Satan will be swiftly defeated and thrown into the lake of fire; Hell and Death will give up the dead they've been holding onto which is the 2nd Resurrection where all the sinners will be judged and thrown into the lake of fire to burn forever and ever...

    The New Heaven and the New Earth; the New Jerusalem

    ...finally the saints will enter into New World promised to us by God!!! This new world however will last forever and not have the ocean as there will be no need for repentance; there will be no more evil, pain, or suffering, and we can eat from the Tree of Life and truly live forever and be healed by it's leaves!!!

    Closing of the Letter to the 7 Churches

    ...a reminder that only the saints will be able to enter into this New World, and we are cautioned not to take away or add to the words of the prophecy of Revelation as all of the plagues written in it will be placed on us and we will have our names removed from the Book of Life.


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  1. Humble Penny
    A quick comment on the screenshot above regarding the final 3 Years 6 Months of Daniel's 70th Week:

    "Bottomless Pit"
    under Year 5 is the time when the Angel Abaddon/Apollyon opens it and releases the demonic locust swarm which will plague and torment all those who have received the Mark of the Beast/Number of his Name, and all who practice evil.

    And the "Two Witnesses" under Year 6 is the time when they are killed by the Beast of the Sea/Fourth Beast who rises out of the "Bottomless Pit".

    And the "Christ Battles" under Year 7 occurs after the Two Witnesses are raised from the dead after 3.5 Days. This is where the nuclear war in Ezekiel 39:9 ff. occurs (cf. Revelation 19) which also marks the first 7 Years of the Millenial Kingdom of Christ.