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The Paradox Of The Gospel, "god Is Love," And Other Hard Sayings

  1. Blog Description

    Sometimes we obscure the power of the Gospel by relying too much upon certain, however valid rules of interpretation. God's Word is HIS Word, not ours. He has been pleased to bow down and give us this Word in our own corrupt tongue. The language of Heaven is not the Medieval English of The Authorized Version, any more than it is Hebrew, Greek, Aramaic, or the modern vernacular of the ESV or the HCSB. God's ways are not our ways. And contrary to our inclination, He is not altogether such a one as ourselves.

    Romans 4:17 says that He speaks of things that are not as though they were. This is a feat we can scarcely fathom. The context of this statement is the story of Sarah's doubt of God's ability to provide Isaac through her womb. But is it wise to view this so narrowly? Is the Lord not able, in general, to perform that which is apparently impossible, even seemingly according to His Own Word? Could this not be the very key to unlock the door so gleefully touted and focused upon by skeptics, who view it all as mere self-contradiction? Alas, we are so often guilty of esteeming and depicting our God as too small. This type of conservatism simply is not necessary if we resolve to maintain an eye keen to His Glory.

    I remember the first time I beheld the "undo" function of a graphical user interface on a computer. It was about 29 years ago and I distinctly remember the experience of being absolutely awestruck, as though it happened just yesterday. With this concept in mind:

    With God being the designer and builder of things like time, space, and logic (which would include math, physics, etc.), wouldn't it stand to reason that He is no way bound by our perceived limitations of these things? Wouldn't it at least help to explain, not how, but why He can establish that, in the matter of His Triune portrayal of Himself to us, 1+1+1 can, in fact, equal 1? And how, when sin and sinners have been destroyed He can, with all literal and concrete honesty, declare that "the former things have passed away?"

    What I'm suggesting is that God is the originator of a literal "undo" function. The implications of this are truly wondrous since He can, of course, be relied upon to use it only for good. He could, conceivably, erase all of the pain and suffering, not only from the future, but from the past itself. One may scoff or argue pre-conceived supposition as they please, but not without being in danger of impeaching His omnipotence.

    "God is love." This is His Word. But does it mean "God is love" or does it mean, in fact, that "God is" indeed "Love?" Many scholars of the subject of the trinity believe that true love and God, Himself are literally One and the same. Not in a pantheistic, "love is everywhere" sense but that, within the relationship between Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, self-sacrificing, extra-centric Love Itself is on full display, for all to behold. This is actually no new concept, but it is being adopted by more and more of those who are digging for knowledge of God, as for hid treasure.

    These are, to some minds and hearts, "hard sayings." Ultimately, however, poor, sinful mortals have, as a prolific author named E.G. White once wrote: "many lessons to learn, and many, many to unlearn." With so little time left before Christ comes the second time, the purpose and mission of this blog, God willing, will be to lovingly present hard sayings to those to whom God is calling to be ready to meet Him in the clouds of Glory.

    Please pray for me in this effort. I need it so badly. I am, after all, but a dusty frame.

    "I have yet many things to say unto you, but ye cannot bear them now." (John 16:12)

    About Author

    D.A. Wright
    I'm just a Chief among sinners who's had a love for Jesus and an obsession with the study of and meditation upon His Word since 1990.