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The One Thing That Many Do Not Know About The Arm Forces........ ( Must Read)

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    secret-society-bas-1024x573.jpg [​IMG]

    I have guarded this blog for sometime the burning in my heart in which I have been trying to understand the why and over time I was just thinking it was the norm in which I have enlisted for at the age of twenty. I love the army and my country I love everything that I have been taught with leadership, and loyalty to a team. As I have grown older and wiser I begin to understand to there is something greater in our military ranks that the true nature of the world is not really hearing. And that my friends is the deep dark roots of the secret society of the free mason that lays within our very own military ranks.

    Now what is a secret society well the definition of a secret society is an organization whose members are sworn to secrecy about its activities.

    The secret society that I am talking about that is running wild within the military is whom? The free mason brothers and sisters. What is the free mason's it is defined as, a member of an international order established for mutual help and fellowship, which holds elaborate secret ceremonies.

    I always knew of the free mason when I was young in the military always hearing the higher ups discuss masonry and how it has excelled the career that they have this was in 2009 during the surge in Iraq, and Afghanistan. I also known of men who were talking about being knighted and even when I dared to even ask what it was like they would just shun away and try to either deflect or act as if they had a random appointment just appear within the schedule.

    If you are still thinking that yeah right this man is making it all up, this is just hear say with all the other nuts, no I beg of you to look at the evidence which sits before us in this blog. The following is a photo taken in Afghanistan notice the ceremony attire in a combat zone, keyword combat zone were it was basically impossible to get church service but these gentlemen had time for a secret ceremony.


    Here you can see the free masons yet again at the tomb of the unknown which they titled a peaceful and respectful ceremony among the brothers.


    Notice something in both photos take a long appearance at it. YES you got it right both photos have the same skirt attire. Now granted the bottom photo the men have suits on while the above photo the men are clearly in a combat zone, With the combat uniform.

    Wait but someone in the uniform is in civilians, believe me when I say this that if you were lucky enough to be deployed in Kandahar airfield you could walk around in civilian's at times and even get a beer or two all depending on your chain of command during the year 2009-2010 in Afghanistan. But it would not shock me if the free masons had free reign where they could stay in Afghanistan for again its a secret society that millions of people do not understand at how far of a reach that the free masons have as well as political influence.

    I say this because many times people use to giggle at the DA photo in 2010. " Hey brother you have a DA photo at the end of the year? Oh yea well do not forget your mason ring." I always acted as the dumb private to sometimes hear the jokes of the senior leaders. Instead I always knew that the free masons always made it known at such levels with showing a ring or a emblem of the mason they were with. I thought it was just something they were allowed to use until over time I begin to realize allot of these guys who had the photos taken with a mason ring were quickly being ranked up within the Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, all of the branches let me tell you.

    Do not believe me well you may check it out here on a gram that I uncovered of these members that were praised. If you are not seeing a trend at how these men and women of the free mason are ranking up then yourself is being blinded by the lies.

    MASON in our military.

    Also what is the true meaning that the masons put it as for the white skirts? Here in the following link gives you the masons definition of the so called purity skirt.

    white skirt of free mason

    They state that the skirt is symbolical for the fact of being pure the white means pure. Well the children of God who are saved through Jesus Christ are pure with the Blood of Jesus as our lord and savior. As well as the simple fact this is somewhat idol worshiping is not? Why would you need a reminder worn on you to remind you that you are pure. We are not pure if we do not have Jesus in our heart and only the holy spirit can confess that Jesus is lord. With further more to say so far seems like a cult like setting if you would ask me. So secretive if you wear a logo and your not in a mason they can come after you as faking your a cop.

    The biggest thing that sticks out with me is the free masons that are within the military is the fast process in which they are promoted. I am telling you no degree, or no board gets a person high up in the chain as quick as I have seen the masons. What is the one think in the MASAON in our military link did we see a trend of? The trend was commanders, or senior Non Commissioned officers. The truth is there they flat out display it on a Instagram account as the world just giggles at it and states oh how cute this is nothing but another organization for the community.

    Many people will be up in arms here is a Christian man ( I prefer Child of God which we all are when we have Jesus in our hearts and we walk with him.) Instead I just want to deliver more of the truth with what is going on in our world around us, we get to focused on what the news wants us to hear. Which is why I have completely stopped listening to the News all together. If they can pump the peace and glitter of witch craft to TV shows so will they with the free masons by saying how peaceful they are and how they give to the community. But yet they do not discuss the witch craft ceremonies in which themselves they do as well.

    In conclusion with this blog I want to ask the readers pray to God that he will restore this nation for witchcraft has imbedded itself within our leaders and attempts to attack our leaders. But I repent that dark energy of Satan and his demons in the name of Jesus. For if you did not think Donald Trump being elected may have shaken some feathers in these so called SR members of the masons, then I don't know what will tell ya with all these fake scandals, and false investigations, instead all smoke and mirrors so that the average person can be kept in fear and hidden from the truth which is the life that Jesus Christ and Salvation that he wants us to have with him by accepting him in our heart, and taking time to understand Gods word. So I will also share even more some of the symbols in which the free masons want society just to giggle at and receive at just that the norm.

    The following I gathered from free mason information

    AKA witchcraft should I say anymore.

    About Author

    Currently in the service, Lover of God devoted follower of Jesus Christ. Truth seeker and love for the world through Christ like eyes.