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The Logic Of God!

GBTG, Nov 19, 2017 | |
  1. Blog Description

    The purpose of this blog is to give credibility to the interpretations of the Bible in accordance with what is scientifically known by man at this current time. To that end I think it important that you keep an open mind and be prepared for a fresh perspective. One should try to read the following ideas, while suspending what you think you know about the Bible or science. I will give exhaustive references in BOLD for your benefit, as to how I came to my conclusions. I am not asking you to accept anything I state. Rather, I hope to provide enough scientific and Biblical evidence for you to draw your own conclusions.

    As this blog is about truth we should start with some basic guidelines about truth, specifically absolute truths. What is truth or what do we (humanity) know to absolutely true? We will come back to this in a moment, for we must understand that a truth is true or false for all time, not just when we think it, or believe it to be true. For instance if I were to state “The Earth is the center of our universe.” would that statement be true or false? The statement is obviously false. Now what if I had asked one of the predominant intellects on Earth prior to the year 1540 and Copernicus? He or she would have been insulted by the question in that time. The point of this being that time has more than proven Copernicus correct. Now back to the original question about, what we know to be true… Is it possible that we are the earth centered universe believers of our generation? Our intellect and knowledge is limited… that is an absolute truth, for we will never know everything. God on the other hand is omnipotent and I hope to adequately demonstrate this through science and the Bible.