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The Gift Of Tongues More Important And Powerful Than Once Thought

Oscarr, Dec 31, 2018 |
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    This is a view of the Gift of tongues that extends it beyond just an optional prayer language. It is an indication of a complete dependence on God in prayer. Often we pray and demand that God does things for us, treating Him like a vending machine. But when we pray in tongues concerning an issue, we are totally depending on the Holy Spirit to convey our prayer in the way He wants it. This means that such a prayer is always in the will of God, and when we pray in tongues we cannot pray amiss. I know that some will dismiss tongues as meaningless gibberish, but for those who accept it as a genuine gift of God will be greatly encouraged in their use of the gift.

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    I have been a full-gospel Christian since 1966. I am currently an elder of the Presbyterian Church of New Zealand. I have also been associated with The Gospel Faith Messenger Ministry, which concentrates on the prophetic, training people in the different gifts of the Spirit. I am married with an adult daughter.